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And that's that.

Just for clarification, is anybody actually still here?

*drifts up to the second floor; the script from his charmed quill goes all sharp with annoyance* ..Ah, how very predictable. I distinctly told Mr. Filch to leave the classroom door shut! And it looks like Peeves has already been in there. Well, that'll be another nasty mess for him to deal with when he returns. At least my skull wasn't in there this time.
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Well, it's been a surprisingly nice, uneventful start of the term... although whoever charmed the suits of armor in the Front Hall to sing I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside whenever anybody walks by would be well advised to choose a more euphonious melody next time.

Filtered to friends]] )
Filtered to Gareki]] )
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*no Hawaiian shirt for Bob; he skims down the stairs in his usual eighteenth-century frock-coat and embroidered vest, because there's no such thing as heat stroke when you're dead*

*has a lot to arrange before the summer officially starts, but... doesn't want to miss any of this, really*

Really, this entire place looks like the aftermath of an explosion in a lei factory. *half-smirk*

[[First back-in-SH Bob post!! I have an internship now but will be back this evening!]]

OOC Meme

Dec. 29th, 2007 09:53 pm
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Still on the meme bandwagon -- questions for Bob? Ask away! I promise I'll make a real post soon. XDDD

Edit: no way I could resist the irony of this......

Bob Bainbridge

A hard-core grave robber
'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at
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[[Private; somewhat hackable]]

*fumes* That Baron is insufferable. Groaning and clanking all over the place, as if his was the only tragedy that mattered in a castle full of ghosts..... Well, there's one good use for him, anyway.


CAUGHT YOU THIS TIME, HAVEN'T I, PEEVES!? Kippers hidden around my door every day, and of course I couldn't smell them... that explains everything. You stay away from my domain from now on, or--

*colorful, scratchy script* Ahaha, all in good fun, weren't it, Proffie?? Isn't the poor pearly ghostie lonely in his little box? Can't stop the fuzzies, can he? Poor ickle--

--will you shut it!? I'll set the Baron on you, I swear!

..Izumi, Rangiku, a thousand thanks for making my office and classroom impervious to unauthorized meddling. The alternative does not bear contemplation.

[[The exchange between Bob and Peeves, caught by the transcription quill, may be audible as well.]]
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*listening for the echoes* Well, now, this is more like it.

..Those infernal cats are still coming around. A few more days of no fish and maybe they'll get the message.

And how is everyone enjoying the summer? I do hope all you students are diligently preparing for next year. Three months isn't any... time... at... all.

[[Filtered to Rangiku]]

You did remember the forms for the book list, didn't you?


[[Mood and strike only hackable by faculty.]]
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Further Announcement about Ancient Runes

I have been asked to clarify the requirements for next year's curriculum. You do not have to know a second language in order to take the class. It is called Ancient Runes, not Ancient Dialects. While the class will briefly cover the definitions, origins, and branches of language, those subjects will be strictly background material to the study of letters, runes, hieroglyphics, and other symbols used in wizardry. Bring your English, and you may actually learn something.

[[Filtered to staff]]


*whips around, searching for the source of the noise; there's nothing broken on the brief bookshelf, nothing on the floor, nothing that could make a sound like that*


*looking up*



*all the frustration in the world* If somebody will come to my office, they will find a minor leak in my ceiling. I would take it kindly if it were to be fixed before it wears a hole through my skull or the books beneath it are damaged beyond


--recovery. *fumes*

[[The leaky water pipe in Bob's ceiling is dripping directly onto his skull and rapidly becoming worse, so if nobody shows up for a while, his crude bookcase is going to be very wet. Please, someone, think of the books! XD]]
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[[Private, unhackable]]

Dark portents... not that an acromantula crossing onto the school grounds is disturbing enough; I thought the wards were supposed to take care of those matters -- but something is raising my hackles, which is a good trick, seeing as I'm DEAD. My writing won't stay in the air and if I actually ever had a grave, I'd imagine that someone was treading it deeper at this very moment. Perhaps I should stay in my skull until it all blows over.....

*sticking his head out through the closed door* On the other hand, current events are giving me an excellent chance to observe cats in their natural environment. I wonder if one of these animals is Professor Soong's?


To the Gryffindor student who left his or her bookbag in the outer hall beside my door, Mrs. Norris and several of her ilk are taking an undue interest in it, so I would advise you to collect it immediately before it is dragged off and demolished. What's in there, kippers?

[[Jumping on the general bandwagon of something-feels-off, if that's okay. Feel free to claim the bag (or any of the cats).]]
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No way outside.

The size of this castle... walls and rooms going on forever, or at least far enough to make all the difference. A murrain on this curse! *frets* But all is not yet lost. There's more than one way to skin a cat, if only metaphorically.


*stands in the back of the Great Hall, forbidding of mien and demeanor, watching the fireworks through the enchanted ceiling*
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*letters neatly printed, courtesy of a fresh transcription quill*

[[Private, 5% hackable]]

Testing, testing... this appears to work after all.

*clears throat*

Well, what a tawdry little place this is, to be sure. Not that I've accumulated a surfeit of material belongings in my travels, but it would be nice to own a space somewhat larger than a broom closet, so that I can meet students without having them stand in me all the time.

Still, there's no denying the convenience of the area. It was thoughtful of Dumbledore to situate me between the Great Hall and the teacher's lounge, with at least four classrooms close enough to traverse without difficulty.

This place is packed with children -- inevitable, I suppose, for an institution purporting to contribute to wizarding education. *long-suffering sigh* Perhaps I'll attend the next staff meeting. It would be as well to have the worst of this unexpected situation sooner than later.



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