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[[Private, 40% hackable]]

How could that simple project end up with half my students blowing up their desks!? It's all HER fault for going away. *grumbles* Does this happen in everyone's classes??


[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

*irate, speaking rather fast* Today we are going to discuss the Marcomannic, Medieval, and Dalecarlian scripts that developed from the runes of the Younger Futhark, and the conversion of Scandinavian linguistic tropes to Anglo-Saxon or primitive English. You'll find a discussion of the subject in Haldah's Twenty-Five Magical Languages, third chapter, section 16. For homework, twelve inches of parchment on the subject, and transliterate a monologue from any Gilbert and Sullivan drama into one of those three scripts. Advanced students can translate a passage from Hávamál into English for extra credit.


Well, get on with it!


[[First strike illegible; rune information from here. As usual, say what your character does about the assignment and feel free to get your head bitten off by the grim grumpy ghost.]]
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[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

Welcome to Ancient Runes. For those who may think this class dry and academic, it is anything but. The written word, well-crafted and adeptly positioned, is used in all kinds of magic, from warding to Potions to Transfiguration -- and a misplaced line in a written spell can twist, nullify, or destroy. During the year, we will explore lettering systems in languages ancient and modern, learn how letters are written, and discover what means and mediums are used in different types of magic.

During the first class, we will concentrate on standard second-year runes: Cirth, Phoenician runes, and the Elder, Younger, and Anglo-Saxon Futhark. We will learn -- or refresh our memories -- about who invented them, when and where they were used, and how the first wizards learned to control the awesome power of symbolic language.

*instructions for nonexistent second-years go here* Older years will need to bring Smedly Lurge's Deciphering Ancient Runes to class, along with a standard quill, multicolored ink, and two rolls of parchment. Those who need an extra copy of the main textbook will find it in the classroom tomorrow. For later lessons, you may need a sturdy pair of dragon-skin gloves. *ominous smile* It is as well to be prepared for anything in this class..... anything at all.

--Professor Bainbridge

[[Welcome to Bob's first class as a teacher. ^^ Feel free to mess about, or post an ooc note saying what your character did here.]]
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Having trouble with our journals, are we? I suppose that given all the weighty matters being entrusted to the journal system every day, some form of leakage was inevitable over time. Well, I hope it's a valuable lesson for all of you. Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes. Si hoc legere scis, flocci non facio; die dulci fruere.

Vita luna est, et una salus victis nullam sperare salutem.....

To my future Ancient Runes students:

[["It's absurd to fear the inevitable. If you can read this, I don't care; have a nice day. Life is mad, and resignation the last hope of the vanquished." Strikes partially readable. All of which is cribbed from these sites.... just pretend it's real scholarly Latin, ok? XD The runes are Tolkien's dwarf runes as evolved from the Elder Futhark, and they offer points to anyone who can read or identify them.]]


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