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[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

Well, most of you seem to have caught up in basic translation. Depending on how today's group project goes, there may be a more practical assignment in your future.

There will be a passage written in front of the board when you arrive. Each student will take a different line of text, and then pair up with somebody who doesn't have the same line you do. Translate the line from Roman text into Futhark runes, and then pass it over to your partner, who will translate it back. Five points will go to the first five students to complete both sides of their work in class.


*stands back toward his classroom door; the air in front of the blackboard is overwritten with golden Latin words*

Ergo oceanus, maritimus.... )

And now.... *to himself, with a hint of a wicked smirk* ..all that remains is to wait.

[[Private to Marik]]

It was delightful catching up with you and Tabarus the other afternoon. As to the other matter, I greatly appreciate your assistance. Tomorrow should be... interesting.


[[Lyrics, if anyone is interested, are from Enya's Tempus Vernum. Those passing outside Dwayne's quarters before he emerges for his classes will be able to observe an extremely complex Celtic rune pattern attached by magic to the wood, just at head height. Dwayne-mun knows what it will do. XD]]
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I must say, I didn't expect anybody to try and pinch me for neglecting to wear green. Tsk, hard luck -- although mistaking one of my ilk for a mortal probably indicates that some peoples' St. Patrick's Day was very happy indeed.

[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

High spirits or no, this business of flicking paper Quaffles through my torso will cease immediately or I shall be forced to take points.

This week's assignment: take a short phrase originally spoken by St. Patrick, translate it from the original Latin to Old Irish, and then transliterate it phonetically into the rune set used in Dublin in the late fifth century. If you come across syllables unique to Old Irish, copy them into the appropriate section of your syllabary for later use.


[[Filtered to Harry]]

Are you sober?


[[Feel free to be any of the pranksters mentioned above. Bob's classes are so boring these days that he really needs to learn a lesson. XD]]
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[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

Last week's assignment will be due at the beginning of class this Wednesday. Remember, the rune circle must be active, meaning that it must be ready to do something when triggered.

Everybody seems to be doing quite well in reading the runes phonetically. Next week, therefore, we will return to the linguistic analysis of the spells which may be written with these letters. This will be a more exacting task than many we have undergone. You have performed spells, cantrips, hexes, and incantations in other classes; you will now learn to write them in their original tongues. Keep your syllabaries close to hand -- you will need them.


[[Filtered to faculty]]

..This is the second time this year.... Do the rest of you have to answer these ridiculous Ministry questionnaires, or do they reserve them for me? )


[[..yes, I edited the HTML. Bwahahaha. Feel free to have your staff character end up taking the quiz as well, though it may or may not actually be from the Ministry. *evil chuckle*

Aaaaaand cue the most BORING part of Bob's classes this year! If your characters were having fun playing with acidic ink or setting their rune circles to play 'FeeeeEEEeelings' when somebody came near them, they may not appreciate the next two weeks of falling asleep over their syllabaries. Your assiduous professor is taking the chance that two weeks of pure Latin will lull the class into a peaceful academic stupor. Whether his plot succeeds... is up to you. >D]]
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Having trouble with our journals, are we? I suppose that given all the weighty matters being entrusted to the journal system every day, some form of leakage was inevitable over time. Well, I hope it's a valuable lesson for all of you. Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes. Si hoc legere scis, flocci non facio; die dulci fruere.

Vita luna est, et una salus victis nullam sperare salutem.....

To my future Ancient Runes students:

[["It's absurd to fear the inevitable. If you can read this, I don't care; have a nice day. Life is mad, and resignation the last hope of the vanquished." Strikes partially readable. All of which is cribbed from these sites.... just pretend it's real scholarly Latin, ok? XD The runes are Tolkien's dwarf runes as evolved from the Elder Futhark, and they offer points to anyone who can read or identify them.]]


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