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[[Filtered to Ancient Runes students]]

To those of you who will be here this morning for your first exam of the week, good luck. Just think, another few hours and it will all be over.~ Other years will have to wait a day or even two before coming to this point; try not to exhaust yourselves with anticipation. Scholastically speaking, I would call this a productive year for us all, so most of you have little to fret about.

And if I find out who switched all the sorrel inks with the etching acid, there will be.... consequences. After all, somebody has to replace that washbasin.


*list of heavily locked notations, with "erfidityes" and "ins aeternum ocu" barely legible if you really look for it, trailing off into an exasperated scribble*

....................Has anybody seen my cat?

*...........who, for his part, is elsewhere in the castle, methodically shredding the edge of a tapestry<3*

[[Feel free to have done the prank, if you want to accept the Consequences (plumbing repairs and detention for a week).~ Also note: this is not the exam post. It will come in a day or so when I finish writing it. ^^]]
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These two-penny bigots are becoming altogether too bold... My sympathies to Miss Lee; it is to be hoped that she will make a swift and complete recovery.

Filtered to William )

[[Private, hackable to friends/staff; strike mostly unhackable]]

Hmph, this travelling life suits me excellently well. It's so much fun to be cut off from everyone after the de-hexing at the border broke the transcription spell on my journal. Of course, these precautions must be taken, but would it have been too much to ask for one of the Aurors to reapply the hover-charm, at least? As it is, I was fortunate to find someone to pick it up off the floor.

Ah well. Petty irritations at best, but I find myself looking forward to the start of the new school year.

Pity I have no assistant these days; somebody's going to have to order the new texts from Flourish & Blotts....

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Confound it... if my skull were so dangerous, one would think the American High Council would rather have it out of the country than in...!

Homework assignments )

[[Filtered to Daisya, Misa, and other students who are Bob's friends]]

Would you mind checking in on Marco until I return to the castle? He's usually able to feed himself, but might get lonely hasn't yet mastered the art of opening doors.


[[Filtered to staff]]

If someone could take my classes until *interrupted here by a series of stabbity messy strikeouts* the powers that be see fit to admit me back into Scotland, I would be very much obliged.


[[Pulling Bob off hiatus to take care of some plot points. Hallo!~]]
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*pacing, at the extreme limit of his fifty-foot tether, through walls, rooms, and people without the slightest regard for where he's going, muttering furiously and clutching a translucent parchment which he occasionally smooths out, snarls at, and crumples again*


Confound that Fudge whelp! And the Spirit Division, countersigning such utter drivel -- it's got Podmore written all over i.... *remainder obscured by inky pawmarks*


*..which continue out of the secondary staff-room as Marco, his paws covered with Ever-Renewing Ink, splatters his way up the stairs and about his business*

[[He's annoyed over internal ghost matters at the Ministry, but may be amenable to conversation with people prudent enough not to ask. XD]]
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*on the second floor, a hairless, tattooed cat paces back and forth in front of the sealed door to the Ancient Runes classroom, meowing piteously*

*inside, all is as before, though the darkness that seems to fill the rune-carved skull is quiescent now; the noise of students running to their next classes filters in through the wards, but skull and room are as silent as though there is nothing there to react*

*your clues are as follows: a curl of parchment beneath the desk, inscribed in dark deep-scored Latin, and a renewable ward in one corner whose material component is slowly dissolving in the face of neglect, causing the charm that seals the door to weaken as the days go by*

[[Anyone who knows Bob will be guessing by now that there's something unusual going on. Thanks to the time-lapse ward, his classroom is much easier to break into now. Go ahead, try it! XD]]
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[[Filtered to Daisya]]

I am afraid, Daisya, that that is not what I meant by a riddlic rune pattern. The answer, by the way, is "swordfish", but I sincerely doubt that you'll get a working numerological ward out of that.


[[Filtered to LEGITIMATE Hogwarts residents]]

..There has been a lot of loose talk going around about about blood purity. It stops right here; such foolish and careless language does not befit those born to magic, whatever their heritage. Should anybody be unfortunate enough to refer to tout such myths within my scope of attention, their punishment will be as unpleasant as I can devise. And that, I can assure you, is no small matter.


*fumes* No question where some of those attitudes are coming from... some of these people should never have been allowed to set foot in the school.

[[Filtered to Vala]]

Miss Mal Doran. Today seems as good a time as any to examine those passageways we discussed. If you have some time free....?


[[Strikes unhackable. Bob's good mood has been thoroughly ruined by h8ers. Other characters, feel free to encounter him before or after his conversations with Vala and Daisya.]]
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[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

Last week's assignment will be due at the beginning of class this Wednesday. Remember, the rune circle must be active, meaning that it must be ready to do something when triggered.

Everybody seems to be doing quite well in reading the runes phonetically. Next week, therefore, we will return to the linguistic analysis of the spells which may be written with these letters. This will be a more exacting task than many we have undergone. You have performed spells, cantrips, hexes, and incantations in other classes; you will now learn to write them in their original tongues. Keep your syllabaries close to hand -- you will need them.


[[Filtered to faculty]]

..This is the second time this year.... Do the rest of you have to answer these ridiculous Ministry questionnaires, or do they reserve them for me? )


[[..yes, I edited the HTML. Bwahahaha. Feel free to have your staff character end up taking the quiz as well, though it may or may not actually be from the Ministry. *evil chuckle*

Aaaaaand cue the most BORING part of Bob's classes this year! If your characters were having fun playing with acidic ink or setting their rune circles to play 'FeeeeEEEeelings' when somebody came near them, they may not appreciate the next two weeks of falling asleep over their syllabaries. Your assiduous professor is taking the chance that two weeks of pure Latin will lull the class into a peaceful academic stupor. Whether his plot succeeds... is up to you. >D]]
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Private, a few words hackable here and there )

[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

Bring your Wright's workbook to tomorrow's lesson. We will be examining early circles of summoning and how their efficacy changes with the alphabet used in the rim. If you have already taken three or more years of Runes, you will find a more detailed explanation in the first chapter of Linguistic Secrets Revealed. After the discussion, there will be a five-inch practical to be handed in at the end of class.


[[Filtered to Daisya]]

How is the book?


*peers out through his door and is greeted by a number of expectant-looking cats*

..Oh, not again.
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[[Private, unhackable]]

Tomoe, Tomoe... where have I heard of him? Not surprised I have, though. Allowing his own daughter to be possessed -- the man doubtless has strong ties to the Dark. And I can't testify! Confound the Ministry, restricting personhood to the living. If Dumbledore weren't out of the country....


At least that swift nest is back in its place.

Now that I have a salary, I believe this is a good time to visit the wizarding section of the British Museum and obtain some reliefs of the carvings on various ancient artifacts. Would someone care to accompany me?

[[Translation: to cart his skull about while he browses through the musty old artifacts. XD Strike illegible.]]
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[[Private, hackable to staff if they try REALLY HARD]]

Of all the lily-livered, clay-brained nincompoopery... how does the confounded Ministry imagine that a randomly administered, atrociously composed "anonymous" questionnaire could tell them anything at all about whether Dark Wizards lurk in their midst!?? God, this country's going to the dogs.

*spends fifteen valuable minutes filling out a stupid survey* )

*grumbles* What a waste of time. I hope they're satisfied.


[[Strike illegible. I fiddled with the HTML to make the post prettier, but this was really Bob's result! Working from the fifth-book-era complexion of wizarding authority, I figured that Dumbledore might find it harmless to allow the Ministry to include a few of the faculty in one of its dimwitted random surveys. Feel free to have your staff member take the test!]]


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