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..I always did have a weakness for open-air events. Now if only I could carry my skull around myself....

For all Ancient Runes students attending today's festival, you'll want to pick up your year's edition of Wright's White Rites Rightly Writ at the supplies booth. I hear the discount from the usual price is considerable.

*jots down a few notes about textbook prices and the names of some obscure books with which to pad out the year's curriculum*

Private )
Filtered to Harry )

[[Filtered to close friends*]]

I find myself in need of transportation for part of the day -- would anybody care to help me out?


[[*Meaning close friends who already know that his skull limits his mobility. (If your character doesn't yet, but wants to find out, that can be arranged. ^^)]
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Confound it... if my skull were so dangerous, one would think the American High Council would rather have it out of the country than in...!

Homework assignments )

[[Filtered to Daisya, Misa, and other students who are Bob's friends]]

Would you mind checking in on Marco until I return to the castle? He's usually able to feed himself, but might get lonely hasn't yet mastered the art of opening doors.


[[Filtered to staff]]

If someone could take my classes until *interrupted here by a series of stabbity messy strikeouts* the powers that be see fit to admit me back into Scotland, I would be very much obliged.


[[Pulling Bob off hiatus to take care of some plot points. Hallo!~]]
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..And I thought there was no possible way for this hour to be more bittersweet.

Well, another new year is upon us already. I trust you all have your class supplies? The more volatile materials, of course, will stay in the classroom if you all know what's good for you.

[[Filtered to Misa]]

Miss Amane, might I prevail upon you to transport my... box to the train tomorrow?


[[First strike unhackable; second mostly so. He's just gotten the news that Harry won't be coming back to teach. Not sure if Misa is aware yet that the box contains a human skull, or why, but he's reticent by habit anyway.]]
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[[Filtered to Mr. Fish]]

*amused* Marco wishes to convey his thanks, and would like to know whether the frogs are properly alive.


[[Filtered to Misa]]

That was very kind of you. If you'll stop by my office before the dance, I would like to thank you in person.


*an unaccustomed smile tugs at his mouth as he looks at the long-stemmed red rose in a vase next to his journal*


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