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Congratulations to our newly minted Prefects and Heads of Houses. I'll be looking forward to working with you all again this year.

Castiel, I see that Marco is in the staff room now, if Lilith could be persuaded to join him there. Do you know where any of the other kittens are at the moment?

[[Filtered to Spencer]]

Spencer, my skull is in my classroom. When do you plan to head out?


*checks that his office door is fastened and properly warded against, ahem, Peeves and takes the scenic route up the stairs instead of going straight through the ceiling*

[[Totally backdated to yesterday. Remember, kids, sign up for Ancient Runes here! Also, some of you may presently get uber-late last-week comments from my characters. >___> Sorry they're so very uber-late.]]
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Apologies for my being out of touch. I had to order a new journal from Diagon Alley and it only just arrived. Students who wish to take Ancient Runes in the upcoming year will be given the opportunity to sign up for the class within a few days.

Castiel, you must have been quite busy for the last few days, since I haven't seen you since

*reads a few pages back; strikes that out*

I swear, this place is like a zoo sometimes.

[[Filtered to Gabriel]]

...............................Gabriel, before you do anything irreversible, consider that Dumbledore and the Ministry might not take kindly to the murder of one of our staff.


*stares at journal, slams it shut with a word, turns his back on it, and commences to glare a metaphorical hole through the wall*

[[Thobari-mun etc, Bob can't reach the dungeons from his location -- is there anything else that could have alerted him that there was stuff with wards and dark magic going on? That stuff's kind of his specialty.]]
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PEEVES!! Come back here with th

*mad laughter, ZAP, howling, a few char marks*

Eeeeheheheheh! Wicked ghostie, putting electric wards on a pretty book like this! How can we make it nicer? I know -- with a dunk in the lake!<3

[[Bob's in the front hall, but can't get outside the castle. Somebody save his journal? XD]]
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..I always did have a weakness for open-air events. Now if only I could carry my skull around myself....

For all Ancient Runes students attending today's festival, you'll want to pick up your year's edition of Wright's White Rites Rightly Writ at the supplies booth. I hear the discount from the usual price is considerable.

*jots down a few notes about textbook prices and the names of some obscure books with which to pad out the year's curriculum*

Private )
Filtered to Harry )

[[Filtered to close friends*]]

I find myself in need of transportation for part of the day -- would anybody care to help me out?


[[*Meaning close friends who already know that his skull limits his mobility. (If your character doesn't yet, but wants to find out, that can be arranged. ^^)]
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*paces his empty classroom* Hm, none the worse for wear after the past fortnights. Excellent; excellent... the charms on the perishables have held; that'll be fifty-eight fewer bottles of wyvern tears to order for next year. The clover parchment, though... Hmph. If I had an assistant, these things might not happen.

Filtered to Harry )

*walks out through the closed door into the deserted hall; orders it to open so his journal can float out, checks the wards and passwords, orders it closed again, and drifts down the stairs with a feeling of purpose and accomplishment*

Let me see. Textbooks: Wright's again, I believe, and Haldah's Languages, and if Cove's brought out her new edition.... and Peeves hasn't graffitied my door again. Small mercies. New horizons, all well and good, but I suppose there's really no place like....

*walks through his office door, where Filch left his skull while he went up to check on the classroom*

*and backs out again slowly*

.....a dark closet full of spiders.

*eyeroll* Ah, the glamorous life of a teacher.

[[Strike unhackable. Bob should learn to be careful what he wishes for. XDDDD]]
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These two-penny bigots are becoming altogether too bold... My sympathies to Miss Lee; it is to be hoped that she will make a swift and complete recovery.

Filtered to William )

[[Private, hackable to friends/staff; strike mostly unhackable]]

Hmph, this travelling life suits me excellently well. It's so much fun to be cut off from everyone after the de-hexing at the border broke the transcription spell on my journal. Of course, these precautions must be taken, but would it have been too much to ask for one of the Aurors to reapply the hover-charm, at least? As it is, I was fortunate to find someone to pick it up off the floor.

Ah well. Petty irritations at best, but I find myself looking forward to the start of the new school year.

Pity I have no assistant these days; somebody's going to have to order the new texts from Flourish & Blotts....

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Well, I'd always heard it, but it appears that Italy actually is that lovely this time of year. Now if only Harry would get back from wherever it is he's gone... I don't like to imagine what kind of trouble he could get into in a city this old.

Now that someone finally decided to unpack my journal, I can note that we've had an extremely pleasant journey thus far. Except for one leg across Spain when I was obliged to ride in the baggage car... as though a European Union could form an efficient Council for enforcing the wizarding laws of all of its states.... How has everybody else's summer been? Don't skimp in the telling; I've little to do today but read.

[[Bob's on a world tour with Harry. Who wants a visit? XD]]
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*no Hawaiian shirt for Bob; he skims down the stairs in his usual eighteenth-century frock-coat and embroidered vest, because there's no such thing as heat stroke when you're dead*

*has a lot to arrange before the summer officially starts, but... doesn't want to miss any of this, really*

Really, this entire place looks like the aftermath of an explosion in a lei factory. *half-smirk*

[[First back-in-SH Bob post!! I have an internship now but will be back this evening!]]
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..It must have been her, but after all this time? Does she not realize it isn't healthy to cling to the past? Surely some better confidante must have come there by now. Hmph, more fool the Headmaster to so encourage necrophilia in his students....

*pauses to surreptitiously wipe away a tear*

Well, that's just... really touching.

[[Bob = still not in SH, but something that happened there was brought to his attention. Sortinghat!Bob AU post. Strikeout illegible; he just gets all flustered when someone cares about him.~]]
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*accidental voice post* ..Mister! Off the table NOW. I said NOW! Shoo! Go on, and try not to bring the earth-elements shelf down with you as well!

..Hm? *double-take at the journal lying open on the floor; eyes narrow* Harry, if you're reading this, your cat has the manners of a hippo.

[[ooc: Placeholder post; can be taken as canon!Bob or as SH!AU Bob. Just trying to get back in the character's voice, though he isn't in play anywhere right now.]]
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Confound it... if my skull were so dangerous, one would think the American High Council would rather have it out of the country than in...!

Homework assignments )

[[Filtered to Daisya, Misa, and other students who are Bob's friends]]

Would you mind checking in on Marco until I return to the castle? He's usually able to feed himself, but might get lonely hasn't yet mastered the art of opening doors.


[[Filtered to staff]]

If someone could take my classes until *interrupted here by a series of stabbity messy strikeouts* the powers that be see fit to admit me back into Scotland, I would be very much obliged.


[[Pulling Bob off hiatus to take care of some plot points. Hallo!~]]
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*pacing, at the extreme limit of his fifty-foot tether, through walls, rooms, and people without the slightest regard for where he's going, muttering furiously and clutching a translucent parchment which he occasionally smooths out, snarls at, and crumples again*


Confound that Fudge whelp! And the Spirit Division, countersigning such utter drivel -- it's got Podmore written all over i.... *remainder obscured by inky pawmarks*


*..which continue out of the secondary staff-room as Marco, his paws covered with Ever-Renewing Ink, splatters his way up the stairs and about his business*

[[He's annoyed over internal ghost matters at the Ministry, but may be amenable to conversation with people prudent enough not to ask. XD]]
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..And I thought there was no possible way for this hour to be more bittersweet.

Well, another new year is upon us already. I trust you all have your class supplies? The more volatile materials, of course, will stay in the classroom if you all know what's good for you.

[[Filtered to Misa]]

Miss Amane, might I prevail upon you to transport my... box to the train tomorrow?


[[First strike unhackable; second mostly so. He's just gotten the news that Harry won't be coming back to teach. Not sure if Misa is aware yet that the box contains a human skull, or why, but he's reticent by habit anyway.]]
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*a sandy journal lies discarded under a bank of sea-grass, its pages ruffled by the wind, until, with a sharp word, the near-translucent wraith of its owner orders it up into the air to follow him home*

*proceeding at a swift but still decorous pace after the scampering child who is carrying his skull, Bob quietly dictates a few words to the floating journal*

..A fine week and a half. Such days have, alas, been too few of late. We shall say nothing of the cactus pear, the umbrella incident, the grindylows, and especially the giant clam. This experience, however initially involuntary, will doubtless remain a bright spot in my reminiscences for years to come.

And now... if you're ready for us, Marik?

*accidental voice post, trailing away as he calls ahead* ..Daisya, did you say Floo or portkey? Because if it is a Portkey, I highly recommend that you stow that artifact in some casing that will prevent it from being lost en route....

[[Strikes hackable to staff. XD And the above is backdated to whatever time Daisya and Bob left Turkey for the House of Ishtar!]]
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[[Very, very unhackable, except maybe a tiny bit to Harry]]

There was one chance in a hundred that it wouldn't come to this. If it hasn't, no matter -- it soon will. He knows it, whether or not she had the maturity to understand what she's getting herself into. Has he even the slightest conception of the future it will rob her of? The lifestyle adjustment, the legal and social ramifications of undeath in wizarding society -- her friends and family, when the hunger comes upon her--

..yes, and her schoolmates. A vampire in seventh year. Dorming with the children.

If I could resign, wash my hands of the lot of them... they would still be in danger. And then -- what? Set the Fat Friar to watch the necks of his House? -- as it's obvious the Headmaster could give a rat's spleen for their safety....

Blast that impervious old man. It is vile -- criminal. If there is some vast, incomprehensible purpose to this... that's no excuse. The collateral damage is too high.


This coast is unspeakably beautiful. It's been centuries since I came this close to simple nature -- the grey stones, the fine white sand, and a sea that seems to go on forever....


[[At the time of this post Bob isn't aware of the mitigating factors involved in what happened to Piper. He's mainly furious at Dumbledore for closing his eyes during the school year to the circumstances that led to the whole situation. I am INSANELY busy today, but will be back for all teh plottage this evening! *waves*]]
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Fireworks... a custom honored through the ages, never failing in their capacity to delight. I hope everyone else derived the same happiness from them as I did. A Happy New Year to you all.

Tia, far be it from me to understand, but my cat and your crab appear to be getting along. Most peculiar thing I ever saw.

Note to Syaoran )

Note to Harry )

[[Sorry about Bob's absence lately... his muse is staging a mutiny until I finish the current Dresden fic. x_x Hopefully he'll be back within a week!]]
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*the tattooed catman slinks into the Great Hall and leaps onto a bench, crouching there with a good view of the room*

..I want a Chocolate Frog.

[[Private, on one of the less tattered pages of Bob's journal]]

Harry is still in Hogwarts. He wasn't sent to Durmstrang after all. That's....

*pauses, feeling that the simple phrase isn't adequate*

..Harry is here.

He's been here the whole term. It's incredible that we never encountered one another before... not that Ravenclaw Tower isn't usually outside my range, but this -- it's absurd, it's more than improbable... the curse of a doomed soul upon his lying relative! I didn't even permit myself to look for him.

And young Harry is still under his thumb. But I'm not. I am not. That has to count for something. Perhaps I can make a difference to him after all.


That settles any last chance of leaving my journal in here again. I will need somebody to sort through the mess and move the salvageable material back to my office. ..And where is that confounded animal? *ghosts out of the staff room, conflict writ large on his face, to brave the day's chaos and search for his 'cat'*

[[..i.e. feel free to encounter either or both. :D The rescue-Harry thread isn't finished yet, but this post is set sometime after Bob finds someone to let him out.]]
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*without warning, a tattooed, hairless cat darts out between the legs of whoever just walked into the secondary staff-room -- and said cat, after being cooped up for over a month, is very curious about what has been going on in the castle*

*races up the nearest stairwell and commences to get acquainted with the first person he meets, thus....*


[[Bob will notice his absence pretty soon. In the meantime, feel free to be haunted by his somewhat less-than-ghostly familiar. XD]]
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That Ryuzaki... 'important business', my foot. With his academic performance to date, he can take some time out of his jam-packed life for a twelve-foot analysis of early Coptic inscriptions. Best if he knows his school is still here and waiting for him.

I'll miss seeing that smug face in class.

This house-elf business is too good to be true. They don't need to make time to assist a ghost, and yet they're doing so. Someone must have put them up to it. *chuckles* ..I have a secret admirer? I'd almost be tempted to... but no, their first loyalty is to the castle; there's no way to swear them to the kind of complete secrecy I need.

*paces, finally comes to a stop, staring off into the distance*

..No. It must be a child.


To Marik and the other new Head of House appointees, as well as to the new Prefects and Head Boys and Girls, all congratulations.

If anyone needs me, I'll be in my skull office.

[[Strikes = not there. With Pattra's permission, Bob is going to keep pelting the absent L with homework. Otherwise, he'll spend the day in his office, which is locked... unless you know the password. >D]]
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[[Filtered to official-type people and anyone in the vicinity]]

*seethes* Will someone PLEASE Vanish this... substance... off that skull and put it back on the table!? It's a valuable magical artifact -- why isn't this place shielded???

[[Since he's a judge and has to be on-site, Bob's skull was moved to wherever the non-field-judges are. Of course, it was hit by a stray bullet, which knocked it off the table and registered as a head shot (yay red paint), so it now looks grimmer than ever.]]


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