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[[Filtered to Ancient Runes students]]

To those of you who will be here this morning for your first exam of the week, good luck. Just think, another few hours and it will all be over.~ Other years will have to wait a day or even two before coming to this point; try not to exhaust yourselves with anticipation. Scholastically speaking, I would call this a productive year for us all, so most of you have little to fret about.

And if I find out who switched all the sorrel inks with the etching acid, there will be.... consequences. After all, somebody has to replace that washbasin.


*list of heavily locked notations, with "erfidityes" and "ins aeternum ocu" barely legible if you really look for it, trailing off into an exasperated scribble*

....................Has anybody seen my cat?

*...........who, for his part, is elsewhere in the castle, methodically shredding the edge of a tapestry<3*

[[Feel free to have done the prank, if you want to accept the Consequences (plumbing repairs and detention for a week).~ Also note: this is not the exam post. It will come in a day or so when I finish writing it. ^^]]
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There's something strange about the atmosphere this evening. One doesn't often see Albus Dumbledore looking... twitchy....

Ah well, no matter. If it's significant, no doubt I'll hear about it in due time.

[[Filtered to Ancient Runes students]]

The balance of you have been progressing at a satisfactory pace this term, despite the constant interruptions for which this school is well known. However, straining as you are to be gone, we cannot neglect the opportunity to find out how much you have learned so far.

That's right; I'm talking about an exam. Don't all applaud at once.~

From Wednesday to Friday, I will be administering practical exams in the usual classroom. They will touch upon every subject we've covered this term, so bring your complete notes to class on Tuesday and see that there are no treacherous spots of ignorance in your knowledge. There will be a bonus question on the most recent chapter of The Polyglot Peril; read it with attention on the changeability of language and the importance of actual and perceived intent in crafting a verbal spell. There will, of course, be House points given for the practical portion of the test. Ravenclaw's recent win gives their House a significant lead for the House Cup, so you should all welcome the chance for some friendly academic competition.

You'll find a list of supplies tacked to the door of my office. Come armed with everything you need, ignoring any items that Peeves may have added in crayon.


Topics and Supplies )
[[That's right, it's a HOMEWORK POST! \o/ Exams will be graded on the usual sliding scale of D(readful) to O(utstanding), and the points range will be 0-5 points (second and third years), 0-10 points (fourth and fifth), and 0-15 points (sixth and seventh), with up to five extra points for putting theory into practice. Leave a brief comment with your character's name, house, and how well they do on the test -- continuity-wise, the testing will occur a day or so after the fear event.

If you're not sure if you're in this class, check the sign-up list here.]]
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Well, it's been a surprisingly nice, uneventful start of the term... although whoever charmed the suits of armor in the Front Hall to sing I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside whenever anybody walks by would be well advised to choose a more euphonious melody next time.

Filtered to friends]] )
Filtered to Gareki]] )
Filtered to Ancient Runes students )

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..As I expected. Runes starts today, and the classroom is virtually unprepared, the sink clogged, every surface dust-ridden, the supplies still boxed up, and my office still full of spiders. Pity that elf-magic can't be trusted around the mummy dust....

Two days into the year and I already need a break. I must be getting soft.

*paces, fuming*

Filtered to Reggie )

[[Filtered to Runes students]]

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the term's first Runes classes are being postponed until tomorrow. You will have an extra free period today. Please read the introduction to your year's edition of White's, and be prepared to answer review questions about the material you learned last year. Thank you.


[[Strike readable by staff, barely hackable if students are really, really good at it.]]
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Well... that was that.

...*ink blot*

[[Private, hackable to friends]]

I suppose it's something to be thankful for, that if anything strange should happen which I can't blame on Harry, one knows exactly where one will end up.

*resolutely not looking at his skull, which rests on a shelf in Dresden's secret laboratory... not a bad place as wizard labs went, despite the hopeless clutter; folds his hands, once again transparent, behind his back, and leans over his journal with a curiously peaceful expression, somehow feeling rather better about life (or whatever this is) than he would have at this time last year*


Miss Tepplin, if you'd be kind enough to continue to collect my students' assignments... I'm going to assign a translation for this weekend. *snerk* You needn't have any worries about sending them; a plague of owls is just what this place needs.
HOMEWORK: translate Beowulf!! )

[[Once the event was over, Bob reverted back to the last place his skull was located, so he's still trapped in Chicago. In other news, COME GET POINTS! XDDD]]
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[[Filtered to Nia]]

I very much appreciate your forwarding me the students' assignments. They haven't given you any trouble in class, have they?


[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

All back to normal, hm? In that case, now seems as good a time as ever to cover the formulation of gender-tagged rune wards, such as the ones on the stairs to the girls' dorms, which I'm sure most of my male students are already familiar with. You will have one week to create a ward which can only be disabled by persons of your sex. Second through fourth years will concentrate on rune circles, while seniors will work on more complex and far-reaching designs. Give your assignments to Miss Tepplin by Tuesday, should I not be back by then.


*accidental sarcastic voice post* Actually I already mentioned that, Harry; the animal is grossly overweight and if you don't start letting him out of the house -- oh yes, of course, a thirty-pound cat is in deadly danger from any predator if he doesn't manage to sit on it first!...

[[Here, have an assignment to get the house points moving again! Comment with how your character did on the assignment; an O (Outstanding) is worth fifteen points and a P (Pass) worth two, with A and E ranged in between depending on neatness, legibility, whether the ward works, and so on.]]
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[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

Well, that's it for now. After the rest of your classes today, take the ward and test it on something to see whether your lettering has been effective. For next week, translate Page 67 of Wright's and do the exercise on Page 68.


Have fun on your first Hogsmeade weekend, everybody. ..And for second years and under, don't fret about being left behind; you will need the time to study for your next assignments. *so not helping*

[[Filtered to Sengoku]]

Mr. Kiyosume, please see me in my office.


[[Bob saw Yoite's entry. This plot has been mun approved. ^__^d]]
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*amused* Some of you may be pleased to know that the wards on my classroom have been altered so as not to permit the latest curse.

Others may not be as pleased... because the precaution has been taken in anticipation of a test for which you will all be revising during the beginning of this week. Having everyone's thoughts public would be less than conducive to such a proceeding, don't you think? *smirks*

This will be a preliminary test to your end-of-the-year exams, and will comprise everything on the curriculum from the beginning of the year to the winter break. The second half of the preliminary exam will take place next week. Those of you who are preparing for OWLs and NEWTs are advised to peruse your notes very, very carefully.

*unfortunately, his journal is still down in his tiny office, so the following strikeout is somewhat less than stricken* There, that should wake them all up. ..Has anybody seen my cat?

100% hackable )

*meanwhile, on the seventh floor, a tattooed, hairless cat is having a fine old time chasing a number of crabs perilously close to the edge of the stairwell*

[[By 'them', Bob refers to certain Dark textbooks which he's taken out of the Restricted Section in order to restrict them a bit more than Dumbledore has seen fit. XD And if your character was around back in December when everyone got a pet crab, feel free to have your crab be among those that Marco is pestering!]]
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*testy* ..If it's impossible for the student body in general to stay free of sucrose and its relatives, may I recommend some cleaning charms for books and parchment? Leave smudges in the wrong place in Runes or Transfiguration -- or even Potions -- and your grades may suffer, not to mention your accuracy.

Will no one put a stop to that infernal clucking?

*drifts up through a stairwell near his second-floor classroom; looks down at something huddled between a pillar and the wall*

..Mr. Lapine, I may have found your rabbit.
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I must say, I didn't expect anybody to try and pinch me for neglecting to wear green. Tsk, hard luck -- although mistaking one of my ilk for a mortal probably indicates that some peoples' St. Patrick's Day was very happy indeed.

[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

High spirits or no, this business of flicking paper Quaffles through my torso will cease immediately or I shall be forced to take points.

This week's assignment: take a short phrase originally spoken by St. Patrick, translate it from the original Latin to Old Irish, and then transliterate it phonetically into the rune set used in Dublin in the late fifth century. If you come across syllables unique to Old Irish, copy them into the appropriate section of your syllabary for later use.


[[Filtered to Harry]]

Are you sober?


[[Feel free to be any of the pranksters mentioned above. Bob's classes are so boring these days that he really needs to learn a lesson. XD]]
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[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

Last week's assignment will be due at the beginning of class this Wednesday. Remember, the rune circle must be active, meaning that it must be ready to do something when triggered.

Everybody seems to be doing quite well in reading the runes phonetically. Next week, therefore, we will return to the linguistic analysis of the spells which may be written with these letters. This will be a more exacting task than many we have undergone. You have performed spells, cantrips, hexes, and incantations in other classes; you will now learn to write them in their original tongues. Keep your syllabaries close to hand -- you will need them.


[[Filtered to faculty]]

..This is the second time this year.... Do the rest of you have to answer these ridiculous Ministry questionnaires, or do they reserve them for me? )


[[..yes, I edited the HTML. Bwahahaha. Feel free to have your staff character end up taking the quiz as well, though it may or may not actually be from the Ministry. *evil chuckle*

Aaaaaand cue the most BORING part of Bob's classes this year! If your characters were having fun playing with acidic ink or setting their rune circles to play 'FeeeeEEEeelings' when somebody came near them, they may not appreciate the next two weeks of falling asleep over their syllabaries. Your assiduous professor is taking the chance that two weeks of pure Latin will lull the class into a peaceful academic stupor. Whether his plot succeeds... is up to you. >D]]
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..she's disappeared again, hasn't she? Not hiding from my revenge. That would not be like her. But in that case.....

[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

I hope you've all finished stitching the signatures on your syllabaries. The next step is to prepare the spine to accept the binding. Those of you who used vegetable paper for your signatures will want organic adhesive; if you used parchment, a synthetic glue will balance its magical signature more effectively.

Once you've affixed the cheesecloth to the spine and left it to dry, come up to the supply case and select boards and end-papers of the proper sizes. For cover material, choose from the attached list. )

The physical portion of the binding will take about half the class and incorporate one of the three forms of binding that your textbook does not elucidate: the binding of one material to another with intent to create a new object. Since your book will contain magical syllables, you will do well not to let your mind drift, or you will find throughout the year that the syllables will... leak.


Notes for Harry Dresden, Daisya Barry, and Nico Robin. )

[[Filtered to staff]]

Has anybody seen Miss Harnet?


[[By 'signatures', Bob means the folded sheets of paper, sewn together, which sit side by side to make up a book. Feel free to have your character find another meaning in Bob's class instructions. XD Re Izumi: he hasn't seen her for a few days and is afraid she's ill again, not that he'll say it aloud. Again, the bracketed notes can only be read by the people they're meant for.]]
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Notes for Izumi, Vala, Dwayne, Daisya, and Marik )

[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

We have been focused during this term on practical concepts of language, art, and intent. Our last section will be a synthesis of the three, during which you will craft, bind, and imbue a ten-page syllabary with which to record the linguistic concepts upon which we will focus for the rest of the year. Bring your dragon-hide gloves, as you will be working with acid, glue, and volatile dyes.

When your syllabaries are finished, we will spend the next few classes revising for the end-of-term exam, upon which I expect each of you to earn an O. If you have questions on any portion of the work we have done to date, do not hesitate to approach me for clarification -- and the sooner the better. From now on, you will bring all of your textbooks to class.....

..And if you do exceptionally well, there will be no take-home work for the holiday break.


[[Each note is visible only to whomever it's addressed to. What Bob has to say to Dwayne will depend on what Izumi has to say to him -- her help in Harry's rescue has done a great deal to ameliorate his anger over the lake incident. As usual, respond with a character comment or OOC note telling how your character does in the class.]]
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*angry muttering* Confound people walking in without looking where they're going! It's been twenty-four hours; where could the beast have gone? *grumbles* Back to the Forbidden Forest, I shouldn't doubt... wretched animal... I suppose I shouldn't have expected it to....

If anybody has seen a tattooed, hairless cat in the castle, kindly bring it back to the first-floor staff room. Thank you.

[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

I hope you've all been working hard on the parameters of your hexagrammatic rune charts. It is time to discuss imbuing these runes -- and even runes you did not write yourself -- with charms and trigger spells to make them magically active.

As you've all had experience working together, our next class sessions will be performed jointly with Professor Robin's class. You will pick a partner from her class, exchange hexagrams, choose a that you have learned this year, imbue the hexagram with the charm, and incorporate a trigger spell that will set it off whenever you desire. For homework, do the same thing to one of your own hexagrams for practice.


..And five points to anybody who finds that cat!

[[Strike not hackable, but mood is obvious to anyone who sees him. Edit: there may be a log for the project, so stay tuned! :D As for Marco, I'm giving him another day or so loose in the castle. Enjoy his ear-splitting greetings!]]
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Days pass and nothing changes. Confound these manacles -- how can I do anything on such a short leash? If I inquire about her, she may come to hear of it. *paces* Perfidious witch -- she may well keep out of my way! None of the students can be spared this week (and they will keep up with the curriculum, whatever my private worries)... but the minute we move on to a less rigorous section, I will have that book, and that chapter in my history will be closed for good and all.


[[Filtered to Nico Robin]]

Would you be amenable to our classes working together for a joint Runes project? Mine have reached the specific intent portion of the rune theory section, and I would like them to practice activating other inscribers' rune hexagrams with their own magic. Would you approve of having your students trade hexagrams with mine, so they all get practice working with styles they're unfamiliar with?


You'd think people would have learnt not to walk through me by now.

[[So as not to worry about Izumi, he's spending his time plotting revenge for the lake incident. XD Strike hackable, especially to anyone who's happened to walk through Bob lately.]]
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*materializes in his empty office, ascot crooked and face stamped with what looks like a permanent snarl*

*glares up to his skull, which is on the same shelf as always and appears none the worse for its recent adventures*

So she had the decency to retrieve me herself. That changes nothing. She could have destroyed me. That temper of hers... if I were less easy to manhandle, it would have harmed her just as easily.... *clenches impotent fists* I should have known this would never end.

The doors. The wards... there's no safety here.

As if there ever was.

[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

For this week's homework I want two feet on language changes during the Norman-Saxon conquests and a complete reverse translation of the Beowulf prelude from the original Old English. You will find the relevant information in A History of Magic and Chapter Seventeen of Twenty-Five Magical Languages, which everyone is to read before class. There will be an oral quiz on the subject.



[[Strikes completely unhackable. Thanks to Izumi's throwing him in the lake, Bob will be a dragon in class for the next few days. Feel free to take notice of his mood. XD]]
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*turning slowly in the middle of his classroom, which is littered with spattered ink and bits of quills, brushes, and parchment* Havoc. Complete and utter havoc. I should have asked someone to ward my classroom against those... things. Well, too late now. It's going to take days to sort all this out.

[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

For anybody who did not receive the current assignment due to last week's... security issues, the project involves some of the abrasive inks which were fortunately left untouched. You will each select two pieces of slate from the stack by the wall, trace the letters of a common household spell on one of them in white graphite chalk, choose the correct ink from the table on Page 132 of Deciphering Ancient Runes, and then use a Number Three brush to practice etching letters and lines in your second piece of slate.

If this is your first experience with volatile materials, be sure to wear dragonhide gloves. The ink will burn if it touches your skin, but it can be flushed away with water. Allow the marks to stand for two minutes before wiping the residue away from your slate, and DO NOT write on your first slate until you are reasonably confident in using the ink. For homework, two inches on the type of ink you are using and why it is the right ink for the slate.


[[Filtered to Daisya]]

I would advise against any further nocturnal activity. If you really want a wild fruit bat, discuss the matter with your Care of Magical Creatures teacher or cast Point Me during the day, when you will have the added advantage of finding them asleep.


[[Late post... sorry, everyone! Essentially, a couple of Jakk's friends broke into Bob's classroom and made a mess of parchment and materials, causing him to dismiss several of his classes early. Feel free to have witnessed or heard of the debacle. XD As usual, brief notes on how your character managed the assignment are for the win! And Mell, can we say Izumi pranks Bob in some way before Halloween?]]
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[[Filtered to staff]]

I find that a number of my students have recently been late in submitting their homework. Surely they've had time to recover from last week's prank. Is there something affecting student welfare that I somehow don't know about?

And as for Ryuzaki's latest owled assignment.... Coffee stains!? Prompt and exquisite treatment of the subject, as usual, but does he WANT points taken for neatness?


[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

Those of you who still have homework outstanding -- you know who you are -- will be marked down unless you provide a valid excuse. You have until tomorrow to turn it in, and then I very much regret to say that people will start losing points.

We will be doing another project this week. Remember to bring your Wright's workbook to class.


*ghosts across the Great Hall to catch some of the professors after dinner*

[[Feel free to be one of the students with the late homework, or to encounter Bob as he makes his way from his office to the Great Hall.]]
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That Ryuzaki... 'important business', my foot. With his academic performance to date, he can take some time out of his jam-packed life for a twelve-foot analysis of early Coptic inscriptions. Best if he knows his school is still here and waiting for him.

I'll miss seeing that smug face in class.

This house-elf business is too good to be true. They don't need to make time to assist a ghost, and yet they're doing so. Someone must have put them up to it. *chuckles* ..I have a secret admirer? I'd almost be tempted to... but no, their first loyalty is to the castle; there's no way to swear them to the kind of complete secrecy I need.

*paces, finally comes to a stop, staring off into the distance*

..No. It must be a child.


To Marik and the other new Head of House appointees, as well as to the new Prefects and Head Boys and Girls, all congratulations.

If anyone needs me, I'll be in my skull office.

[[Strikes = not there. With Pattra's permission, Bob is going to keep pelting the absent L with homework. Otherwise, he'll spend the day in his office, which is locked... unless you know the password. >D]]
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*hands behind his back, standing in the staffroom -- but only because he's incapable of slumping into a chair -- staring into the fire as Marco gnaws on something down by his feet*


Marco, what are you--? *stares* ..Why is my cat eating a pastry?

There's a note nearby... unfortunately it's upside down.

[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

As there was no class today in honor of the festival, your only homework will be to read Section 6 of Haldah's Aramaic chapter and write a three-inch summary on the development of Semitic languages.

Enjoy yourselves.


............. *is bored*

[[Strikes hackable by staff.]]


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