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Well. *rubs hands* Who's looking forward to going back to school?

[[Filtered to Ancient Runes students, second-year and up]]

If you're taking my class in the fall and haven't yet confirmed it on your class schedule, please do so at the first opportunity.

Textbook information )

To those who are taking this class for the first time, welcome, and I trust you will find it illuminating. In days to come, you will use runes, hieroglyphs, and other ancient writings frequently in your studies; they are invaluable for everything from Transfiguration to Arithmancy. You will draw them on the surfaces of potions; you will inscribe them on wards to shield your loved ones from harm; by the end of the year you will know the pros and cons of six types of parchment, eight other material surfaces, and thirty types of inks with which to create symbolic magic, along with the scripts to write it all with. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.


*a note is here appended for Reggie, detailing materials, supplies, and texts needed for the coming year... although Bob isn't exactly sanguine in thinking that anything in the note will get through to his new TA*
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Confound it... if my skull were so dangerous, one would think the American High Council would rather have it out of the country than in...!

Homework assignments )

[[Filtered to Daisya, Misa, and other students who are Bob's friends]]

Would you mind checking in on Marco until I return to the castle? He's usually able to feed himself, but might get lonely hasn't yet mastered the art of opening doors.


[[Filtered to staff]]

If someone could take my classes until *interrupted here by a series of stabbity messy strikeouts* the powers that be see fit to admit me back into Scotland, I would be very much obliged.


[[Pulling Bob off hiatus to take care of some plot points. Hallo!~]]
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Confound it, those vials were supposed to be ready....

I find myself in need of at least two students, fourth-year or above, to bottle ink samples in preparation for my second-year class. Points will be given to those who assist. *appended note: No more help required... for now. Thank you.

*ink spatter* ..No, Marco, that is not a sugar quill. Go on with you, off the desk....

[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

Classes will take place, as they did last year, in the first classroom along the western second-floor corridor. Second-year students will need to bring a fresh supply of quills; upper years will require dragonhide gloves; and everybody should have their Wright's workbook immediately availab

*tooth marks; filter fails*



[[Guess whose journal just got stolen by an irritated cat. XD]]
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..hmph. Thank heaven for small favours, then.

Well, Marik, I must thank you for your hospitality during the past weeks. Your reference library is rather astonishing. And for those others who have shared that same hospitality, we really must do this again sometime. Preferably without the Quidditch.

Filtered to Daisya )


Students taking Ancient Runes with Professor Robert Bainbridge will kindly append the following information to this form:
      Full name
      Year (as of this fall)
      Languages (spoken, written, read)
      Year(s) in which student has taken this subject before

Please note the textbook information for your year. Your books may be ordered from Flourish & Blotts in Diagon Alley, and will be available for you to pick up during the last two weeks before classes begin.

Second Years ) Third Years ) Fourth Years ) Fifth Years ) Sixth Years ) Seventh Years )

[[Bob and Harry Dresden had planned for the ghost to visit Chicago at some point during the summer, so at the discretion of Harry's mun, I am taking the liberty of saying that this post occurs directly before that visit, whenever it should be. Daisya-mun, Bob's concerned about his faithful little spaz; and in re what we talked about, negotiations proceed apace! And if your character will be in Ancient Runes, please comment with their information. Think of the paperwork you'll save! ;D]]
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To all second-years, and any other students who will be taking Ancient Runes in the upcoming term: please reply to this sign-in sheet with your name, House, and year, as well as any languages or writing systems in which you are fluent or have at least a passing familiarity.

Sign-ups will be open until the last week of the term. You do not have to sign again if you already responded to the previous sign-in sheet.

For the upcoming course, second years will be asked to acquire clean copies of Twenty-Five Magical Languages by Ufar Haldah and Deciphering Ancient Runes by Smedly Lurge. Upper years will need Angela Cove's Symbols of Power: Linguistic Secrets Revealed, and everyone will need the year-appropriate volume of Wright's White Rites Rightly Writ with its accompanying workbook.

--Professor Robert Bainbridge

[[Filtered to Rangiku]]

*irritated* Please contact Flourish & Blotts and find out why we haven't received that invoice. As I can't go down there myself.....


[[Current class list]] )
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Further Announcement about Ancient Runes

I have been asked to clarify the requirements for next year's curriculum. You do not have to know a second language in order to take the class. It is called Ancient Runes, not Ancient Dialects. While the class will briefly cover the definitions, origins, and branches of language, those subjects will be strictly background material to the study of letters, runes, hieroglyphics, and other symbols used in wizardry. Bring your English, and you may actually learn something.

[[Filtered to staff]]


*whips around, searching for the source of the noise; there's nothing broken on the brief bookshelf, nothing on the floor, nothing that could make a sound like that*


*looking up*



*all the frustration in the world* If somebody will come to my office, they will find a minor leak in my ceiling. I would take it kindly if it were to be fixed before it wears a hole through my skull or the books beneath it are damaged beyond


--recovery. *fumes*

[[The leaky water pipe in Bob's ceiling is dripping directly onto his skull and rapidly becoming worse, so if nobody shows up for a while, his crude bookcase is going to be very wet. Please, someone, think of the books! XD]]
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As a wizard, you will be using runes and symbols in everything from Transfiguration to Astronomy, Divination, and Potions; your skill at inscribing them correctly might make the difference between a successful spell and a rather messy demise. If you are entering your second year, or will be taking Ancient Runes as an elective in the fall, reply here with your name, House, upcoming year, and any languages or writing systems with which you have at least a passing familiarity.

*add-in note scrawled between the lines* Sign-ups will be open until a week before next term.

--Professor Robert Bainbridge

[[Filtered to Rangiku]]

Among other texts, I will be assigning Wright's White Rites Rightly Writ with its accompanying workbook. It's updated every year, so the request has to go in early. When we have a general idea of the class's population, please let Flourish & Blotts know how many copies they should acquire, and also order seven extra ones for the school library in anticipation of those students who will inevitably manage to destroy their own.



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