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*potters about his classroom, writing a few last-minute exam instructions in his usual floaty glowing lettering in front of the blackboard*

With today's exams, my work for this year will be done. I wish. Ancient Runes students, I hope you all got enough sleep and had a nourishing breakfast this morning, because this is going to be good.

So, plans for the summer? Anybody going anywhere interesting?

[[That's right, the Ancient Runes final exam is here -- last chance (probably) to get house points from Bob this year! If your character's taking this exam, leave a brief comment with their name, House, and how well they do on the test. Grades will be on the usual sliding scale of D(readful) to O(utstanding), with points ranging from 0-5 points (second and third years), 0-10 points (fourth and fifth), and 0-15 points (sixth and seventh), plus up to five extra points for putting theory into practice.
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There's something strange about the atmosphere this evening. One doesn't often see Albus Dumbledore looking... twitchy....

Ah well, no matter. If it's significant, no doubt I'll hear about it in due time.

[[Filtered to Ancient Runes students]]

The balance of you have been progressing at a satisfactory pace this term, despite the constant interruptions for which this school is well known. However, straining as you are to be gone, we cannot neglect the opportunity to find out how much you have learned so far.

That's right; I'm talking about an exam. Don't all applaud at once.~

From Wednesday to Friday, I will be administering practical exams in the usual classroom. They will touch upon every subject we've covered this term, so bring your complete notes to class on Tuesday and see that there are no treacherous spots of ignorance in your knowledge. There will be a bonus question on the most recent chapter of The Polyglot Peril; read it with attention on the changeability of language and the importance of actual and perceived intent in crafting a verbal spell. There will, of course, be House points given for the practical portion of the test. Ravenclaw's recent win gives their House a significant lead for the House Cup, so you should all welcome the chance for some friendly academic competition.

You'll find a list of supplies tacked to the door of my office. Come armed with everything you need, ignoring any items that Peeves may have added in crayon.


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[[That's right, it's a HOMEWORK POST! \o/ Exams will be graded on the usual sliding scale of D(readful) to O(utstanding), and the points range will be 0-5 points (second and third years), 0-10 points (fourth and fifth), and 0-15 points (sixth and seventh), with up to five extra points for putting theory into practice. Leave a brief comment with your character's name, house, and how well they do on the test -- continuity-wise, the testing will occur a day or so after the fear event.

If you're not sure if you're in this class, check the sign-up list here.]]
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*stands in the middle of his classroom, the door open behind him, scribbling a complicated series of magical equations in the air with his finger and dictating notes as a magical quill transcribes them in his journal*

[[Filtered to Bob's Ancient Runes students]]

Your midterm exam will cover the first seven sections of your textbook. There will be a both a translation section and a practical section; you'll be responsible for the ward-work we've done, weaving protective spells into written rune circles.

Please refrain from blowing up your desk, as it distracts the other students.


[[Private, accidentally partly hackable to friends]]

My second year as... well, as near a free agent as I was ever likely to get, anyway. *glances at the skull on the shelf behind his desk* Doubtless Dresden is doing fine in his new life. It can only be a positive sign if he's too occupied for regular correspondence.

..confound the boy. Why doesn't he write.

Tinsel and music all over the place... ah well, 'tis the season.


[[Strikes are also partly hackable, but very difficult to decipher. I'm still not quite back off hiatus -- two more exams to go -- but would like to extend a hearty welcome to all our new people! I look forward to meeting all of you!]]
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[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

It appears that the practice exams are paying off. Well done, everyone. Those of you who have paid attention to your work during the past few months (even granting that doing so has probably required the patience of a saint) should have no trouble getting high marks in this course.

The Ministry requires me to mention that there will be anti-cheating measures in place as you all take your final exams. OWL and NEWT students will receive their exams in the Great Hall at the designated times, while other classes will take their finals in the usual classroom. You will not need this year's textbooks after your test. I advise each of you, though, to retain your syllabary and add to it when appropriate. You never know when you'll need the right magic word -- in any language.

Should there be any questions, I will be in my office most evenings.


[[Private, hackable with difficulty]]

And spend the remainder wandering the halls, no doubt. Pfah. There'll be enough of that to go around once the school year ends. ..Is there nobody in this castle with time for a simple game of draughts?


*while in the interim, Marco the cat has no compunction about wandering the halls -- preferably with something small and warm-blooded dangling from his jaw: in this case, a small Puffskein which doubtless belongs to somebody or other*

[[Yet another stopgap post. Strikes illegible; the Puffskein could be anyone's; and as usual, if your character is in Bob's class, please comment to say how they do on their final exam!

OOC continuity note )]]
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For once none of the current spell effects are following me around.....

[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

Those of you who took yesterday's exam will be getting it back today. If you're taking it today, expect to receive your grade after the weekend.

..And if necessary, please have someone cast Silencio on you before coming to class. Your fellow test-takers will not benefit from half a dozen random tunes blaring forth at them from all directions.



Come to think of it, the supplies are getting rather thin... and there's that shelf where the salic acid burnt through all the bottles... Nobody's gotten detention lately, so it's just a matter of time, as long as it's done before the final exams.


[[The skills involved in the test are: inscribing, translating, identifying linguistic origin, producing a given magical effect, creating tidy designs, and working with every material from ink to acid and parchment to bronze. If you have a character in Bob's class, comment to say how they did -- amazingly, intriguingly, insanely, etc!]]
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*amused* Some of you may be pleased to know that the wards on my classroom have been altered so as not to permit the latest curse.

Others may not be as pleased... because the precaution has been taken in anticipation of a test for which you will all be revising during the beginning of this week. Having everyone's thoughts public would be less than conducive to such a proceeding, don't you think? *smirks*

This will be a preliminary test to your end-of-the-year exams, and will comprise everything on the curriculum from the beginning of the year to the winter break. The second half of the preliminary exam will take place next week. Those of you who are preparing for OWLs and NEWTs are advised to peruse your notes very, very carefully.

*unfortunately, his journal is still down in his tiny office, so the following strikeout is somewhat less than stricken* There, that should wake them all up. ..Has anybody seen my cat?

100% hackable )

*meanwhile, on the seventh floor, a tattooed, hairless cat is having a fine old time chasing a number of crabs perilously close to the edge of the stairwell*

[[By 'them', Bob refers to certain Dark textbooks which he's taken out of the Restricted Section in order to restrict them a bit more than Dumbledore has seen fit. XD And if your character was around back in December when everyone got a pet crab, feel free to have your crab be among those that Marco is pestering!]]
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*glances in annoyance at the mud stains on his skull, which is now back on the highest shelf in his office*

[[Filtered to Daisya]]

Much as I appreciate your retrieving my skull from the lake again, I must insist that you cease persecuting the giant squid. Do you really wish the matter to be brought before your Head of House?


[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

Those of you who are taking final exams in my class this year will kindly note the following information down on the attached sign-in sheet:


I will also require a few pairs of hands to transport approximately fifty copies of The Polyglot Peril from my office to the library. House points will go to the first three six volunteers. There seem to be more books than I thought.....


[[This is my sneaky way of asking who's still in Bob's Ancient Runes class after the recent shakeups. XD If you're one of his students, please respond! THINK OF THE PAPERWORK!~

Bob's Spring 2008 Class List )
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Whoever is responsible for the current condition of my skull.... just... ask next time so that I can head you off. *totally suspects Daisya* My doors, by the way, are newly warded; you will not have such an easy time of it again.

*Note to Bob's students*

I am very pleased with most of your work on the end-of-term exams. There were a few rough spots, but those can be smoothed away next month. My best wishes for an enjoyable holiday season.

--Professor Bainbridge

[[Filtered to Syaoran]]

I regret to say that I will be detained here at the castle for at least a week. Thank you, however, for your kind invitation, and I hope that you and Harry have a productive holiday.



At least that's done... they will arrive on the proper morning, granting that all the recipients are alive. Which they will be. If some fresh evil had befallen Miss Harnet, surely it would have been mentioned in the Great Hall. What's the matter with the girl? I'm the one who got thrown in the lake!

Nothing has been heard from Madame Pince. Surely she has discovered the discrepancy already. Though I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, the suspense has begun to grate upon my nerves.


[[Backdated to before the train log. By 'they', Bob refers to the gifts he has dispatched to various people -- they'll be posted as soon as I've compiled them. XD Syaoran, barring anything explicit from Harry-mun, Bob is simply assuming that the two have already discussed the matter, which may or may not be true.]]
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[[Private, first sentence hackable to Dwayne]]

Hmph. It's been too long; there's no use making an incident now. Not that I could think of anything good....

Well. If avoiding me will raise her life expectancy, so be it.

..I suppose I have to think about gifts. It's been centuries since that was a concern of mine. At least I know what Peeves is getting: absolutely nothing.


Notes to Sakura Haruno, Harry Dresden, and Daisya Barry )

[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

In our next class you will emboss the covers of your syllabaries with your names in Futhark runes, the date (minute, hour, day, month, and century) in Roman numerals, and a box ward in anagrammatic form running all the way around the outside edge of the covers. Use parchment to plan the position of the runes; a broken rune string can result in a broken ward.

When you are finished, perform the translation spell that you will find in section twenty-seven of your Wright's workbook. This will allow the syllabary, once complete, to fall open to the page with the syllable that you need.

The rest of the class will be occupied by revising for the end-of-term test. If you have any questions, ask them now.


[[Notes visible only to their recipients. Soooo, Bob has nowhere to be for the holidays. As far as he's concerned, Harry has nowhere decent to go either, and he'd like to do something about that. Plot, anyone? >D]]


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