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Congratulations to our newly minted Prefects and Heads of Houses. I'll be looking forward to working with you all again this year.

Castiel, I see that Marco is in the staff room now, if Lilith could be persuaded to join him there. Do you know where any of the other kittens are at the moment?

[[Filtered to Spencer]]

Spencer, my skull is in my classroom. When do you plan to head out?


*checks that his office door is fastened and properly warded against, ahem, Peeves and takes the scenic route up the stairs instead of going straight through the ceiling*

[[Totally backdated to yesterday. Remember, kids, sign up for Ancient Runes here! Also, some of you may presently get uber-late last-week comments from my characters. >___> Sorry they're so very uber-late.]]
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..As I expected. Runes starts today, and the classroom is virtually unprepared, the sink clogged, every surface dust-ridden, the supplies still boxed up, and my office still full of spiders. Pity that elf-magic can't be trusted around the mummy dust....

Two days into the year and I already need a break. I must be getting soft.

*paces, fuming*

Filtered to Reggie )

[[Filtered to Runes students]]

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the term's first Runes classes are being postponed until tomorrow. You will have an extra free period today. Please read the introduction to your year's edition of White's, and be prepared to answer review questions about the material you learned last year. Thank you.


[[Strike readable by staff, barely hackable if students are really, really good at it.]]
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*no Hawaiian shirt for Bob; he skims down the stairs in his usual eighteenth-century frock-coat and embroidered vest, because there's no such thing as heat stroke when you're dead*

*has a lot to arrange before the summer officially starts, but... doesn't want to miss any of this, really*

Really, this entire place looks like the aftermath of an explosion in a lei factory. *half-smirk*

[[First back-in-SH Bob post!! I have an internship now but will be back this evening!]]
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..It must have been her, but after all this time? Does she not realize it isn't healthy to cling to the past? Surely some better confidante must have come there by now. Hmph, more fool the Headmaster to so encourage necrophilia in his students....

*pauses to surreptitiously wipe away a tear*

Well, that's just... really touching.

[[Bob = still not in SH, but something that happened there was brought to his attention. Sortinghat!Bob AU post. Strikeout illegible; he just gets all flustered when someone cares about him.~]]
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..hmph. Thank heaven for small favours, then.

Well, Marik, I must thank you for your hospitality during the past weeks. Your reference library is rather astonishing. And for those others who have shared that same hospitality, we really must do this again sometime. Preferably without the Quidditch.

Filtered to Daisya )


Students taking Ancient Runes with Professor Robert Bainbridge will kindly append the following information to this form:
      Full name
      Year (as of this fall)
      Languages (spoken, written, read)
      Year(s) in which student has taken this subject before

Please note the textbook information for your year. Your books may be ordered from Flourish & Blotts in Diagon Alley, and will be available for you to pick up during the last two weeks before classes begin.

Second Years ) Third Years ) Fourth Years ) Fifth Years ) Sixth Years ) Seventh Years )

[[Bob and Harry Dresden had planned for the ghost to visit Chicago at some point during the summer, so at the discretion of Harry's mun, I am taking the liberty of saying that this post occurs directly before that visit, whenever it should be. Daisya-mun, Bob's concerned about his faithful little spaz; and in re what we talked about, negotiations proceed apace! And if your character will be in Ancient Runes, please comment with their information. Think of the paperwork you'll save! ;D]]
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Notice to students:

For those of you who will be in my Ancient Runes class, be alert for the sign-up sheet and book-list which will be provided to you within the next few weeks.

[[Filtered to Marik; hackable by staff]]

Thank you, Marik, for that Imperturbable Charm. It made the childrens' impromptu Quidditch game the other day slightly easier to watch.


[[Private; 10% hackable, more if you're really, really good]]

That van Helsing fellow must have lost his journal. Whatever it was that he wanted to ask me, it will have to wait.

..Where is Harry, confound the man? Those trolls couldn't have been that difficult to deal with, even for him. *paces* If Morgan... no, even he wouldn't have... hmph. I shall just have to give him a piece of my mind when he dares to show his face again. *fails to convince even himself* Lord knows he could do with one.

And that Auror... is either the most zealous private tutor that ever lived, or there's some other reason for his stopping here. One thing's for sure: he never would have knowingly let me catch him with such a serious expression on his face. If Daisya will not confide in me... well, whatever the matter is, it will doubtless emerge sooner or later... for good or for ill.


[[Strike = unhackable, and may or may not turn out to be significant in the future. ^_^]]
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*glances in annoyance at the mud stains on his skull, which is now back on the highest shelf in his office*

[[Filtered to Daisya]]

Much as I appreciate your retrieving my skull from the lake again, I must insist that you cease persecuting the giant squid. Do you really wish the matter to be brought before your Head of House?


[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

Those of you who are taking final exams in my class this year will kindly note the following information down on the attached sign-in sheet:


I will also require a few pairs of hands to transport approximately fifty copies of The Polyglot Peril from my office to the library. House points will go to the first three six volunteers. There seem to be more books than I thought.....


[[This is my sneaky way of asking who's still in Bob's Ancient Runes class after the recent shakeups. XD If you're one of his students, please respond! THINK OF THE PAPERWORK!~

Bob's Spring 2008 Class List )
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Whoever is responsible for the current condition of my skull.... just... ask next time so that I can head you off. *totally suspects Daisya* My doors, by the way, are newly warded; you will not have such an easy time of it again.

*Note to Bob's students*

I am very pleased with most of your work on the end-of-term exams. There were a few rough spots, but those can be smoothed away next month. My best wishes for an enjoyable holiday season.

--Professor Bainbridge

[[Filtered to Syaoran]]

I regret to say that I will be detained here at the castle for at least a week. Thank you, however, for your kind invitation, and I hope that you and Harry have a productive holiday.



At least that's done... they will arrive on the proper morning, granting that all the recipients are alive. Which they will be. If some fresh evil had befallen Miss Harnet, surely it would have been mentioned in the Great Hall. What's the matter with the girl? I'm the one who got thrown in the lake!

Nothing has been heard from Madame Pince. Surely she has discovered the discrepancy already. Though I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, the suspense has begun to grate upon my nerves.


[[Backdated to before the train log. By 'they', Bob refers to the gifts he has dispatched to various people -- they'll be posted as soon as I've compiled them. XD Syaoran, barring anything explicit from Harry-mun, Bob is simply assuming that the two have already discussed the matter, which may or may not be true.]]
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To all second-years, and any other students who will be taking Ancient Runes in the upcoming term: please reply to this sign-in sheet with your name, House, and year, as well as any languages or writing systems in which you are fluent or have at least a passing familiarity.

Sign-ups will be open until the last week of the term. You do not have to sign again if you already responded to the previous sign-in sheet.

For the upcoming course, second years will be asked to acquire clean copies of Twenty-Five Magical Languages by Ufar Haldah and Deciphering Ancient Runes by Smedly Lurge. Upper years will need Angela Cove's Symbols of Power: Linguistic Secrets Revealed, and everyone will need the year-appropriate volume of Wright's White Rites Rightly Writ with its accompanying workbook.

--Professor Robert Bainbridge

[[Filtered to Rangiku]]

*irritated* Please contact Flourish & Blotts and find out why we haven't received that invoice. As I can't go down there myself.....


[[Current class list]] )
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*listening for the echoes* Well, now, this is more like it.

..Those infernal cats are still coming around. A few more days of no fish and maybe they'll get the message.

And how is everyone enjoying the summer? I do hope all you students are diligently preparing for next year. Three months isn't any... time... at... all.

[[Filtered to Rangiku]]

You did remember the forms for the book list, didn't you?


[[Mood and strike only hackable by faculty.]]
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As a wizard, you will be using runes and symbols in everything from Transfiguration to Astronomy, Divination, and Potions; your skill at inscribing them correctly might make the difference between a successful spell and a rather messy demise. If you are entering your second year, or will be taking Ancient Runes as an elective in the fall, reply here with your name, House, upcoming year, and any languages or writing systems with which you have at least a passing familiarity.

*add-in note scrawled between the lines* Sign-ups will be open until a week before next term.

--Professor Robert Bainbridge

[[Filtered to Rangiku]]

Among other texts, I will be assigning Wright's White Rites Rightly Writ with its accompanying workbook. It's updated every year, so the request has to go in early. When we have a general idea of the class's population, please let Flourish & Blotts know how many copies they should acquire, and also order seven extra ones for the school library in anticipation of those students who will inevitably manage to destroy their own.

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[[Private, unhackable]]

Dark portents... not that an acromantula crossing onto the school grounds is disturbing enough; I thought the wards were supposed to take care of those matters -- but something is raising my hackles, which is a good trick, seeing as I'm DEAD. My writing won't stay in the air and if I actually ever had a grave, I'd imagine that someone was treading it deeper at this very moment. Perhaps I should stay in my skull until it all blows over.....

*sticking his head out through the closed door* On the other hand, current events are giving me an excellent chance to observe cats in their natural environment. I wonder if one of these animals is Professor Soong's?


To the Gryffindor student who left his or her bookbag in the outer hall beside my door, Mrs. Norris and several of her ilk are taking an undue interest in it, so I would advise you to collect it immediately before it is dragged off and demolished. What's in there, kippers?

[[Jumping on the general bandwagon of something-feels-off, if that's okay. Feel free to claim the bag (or any of the cats).]]
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*letters neatly printed, courtesy of a fresh transcription quill*

[[Private, 5% hackable]]

Testing, testing... this appears to work after all.

*clears throat*

Well, what a tawdry little place this is, to be sure. Not that I've accumulated a surfeit of material belongings in my travels, but it would be nice to own a space somewhat larger than a broom closet, so that I can meet students without having them stand in me all the time.

Still, there's no denying the convenience of the area. It was thoughtful of Dumbledore to situate me between the Great Hall and the teacher's lounge, with at least four classrooms close enough to traverse without difficulty.

This place is packed with children -- inevitable, I suppose, for an institution purporting to contribute to wizarding education. *long-suffering sigh* Perhaps I'll attend the next staff meeting. It would be as well to have the worst of this unexpected situation sooner than later.



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