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PEEVES!! Come back here with th

*mad laughter, ZAP, howling, a few char marks*

Eeeeheheheheh! Wicked ghostie, putting electric wards on a pretty book like this! How can we make it nicer? I know -- with a dunk in the lake!<3

[[Bob's in the front hall, but can't get outside the castle. Somebody save his journal? XD]]
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And that's that.

Just for clarification, is anybody actually still here?

*drifts up to the second floor; the script from his charmed quill goes all sharp with annoyance* ..Ah, how very predictable. I distinctly told Mr. Filch to leave the classroom door shut! And it looks like Peeves has already been in there. Well, that'll be another nasty mess for him to deal with when he returns. At least my skull wasn't in there this time.
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Well, it's been a surprisingly nice, uneventful start of the term... although whoever charmed the suits of armor in the Front Hall to sing I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside whenever anybody walks by would be well advised to choose a more euphonious melody next time.

Filtered to friends]] )
Filtered to Gareki]] )
Filtered to Ancient Runes students )

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*paces his empty classroom* Hm, none the worse for wear after the past fortnights. Excellent; excellent... the charms on the perishables have held; that'll be fifty-eight fewer bottles of wyvern tears to order for next year. The clover parchment, though... Hmph. If I had an assistant, these things might not happen.

Filtered to Harry )

*walks out through the closed door into the deserted hall; orders it to open so his journal can float out, checks the wards and passwords, orders it closed again, and drifts down the stairs with a feeling of purpose and accomplishment*

Let me see. Textbooks: Wright's again, I believe, and Haldah's Languages, and if Cove's brought out her new edition.... and Peeves hasn't graffitied my door again. Small mercies. New horizons, all well and good, but I suppose there's really no place like....

*walks through his office door, where Filch left his skull while he went up to check on the classroom*

*and backs out again slowly*

.....a dark closet full of spiders.

*eyeroll* Ah, the glamorous life of a teacher.

[[Strike unhackable. Bob should learn to be careful what he wishes for. XDDDD]]
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*accidental voice post* ..Mister! Off the table NOW. I said NOW! Shoo! Go on, and try not to bring the earth-elements shelf down with you as well!

..Hm? *double-take at the journal lying open on the floor; eyes narrow* Harry, if you're reading this, your cat has the manners of a hippo.

[[ooc: Placeholder post; can be taken as canon!Bob or as SH!AU Bob. Just trying to get back in the character's voice, though he isn't in play anywhere right now.]]
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*on the second floor, a hairless, tattooed cat paces back and forth in front of the sealed door to the Ancient Runes classroom, meowing piteously*

*inside, all is as before, though the darkness that seems to fill the rune-carved skull is quiescent now; the noise of students running to their next classes filters in through the wards, but skull and room are as silent as though there is nothing there to react*

*your clues are as follows: a curl of parchment beneath the desk, inscribed in dark deep-scored Latin, and a renewable ward in one corner whose material component is slowly dissolving in the face of neglect, causing the charm that seals the door to weaken as the days go by*

[[Anyone who knows Bob will be guessing by now that there's something unusual going on. Thanks to the time-lapse ward, his classroom is much easier to break into now. Go ahead, try it! XD]]
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*a sign on the door to the Ancient Runes classroom reads, in drippy multicolored paint, Clozd foar Reaprz; beneath this uncompromising legend, a dark-robed picture of Death with a scythe may or may not be some wit's commentary on the upcoming holiday*

*meanwhile, there has been no class for six days, and though some students swear their friends have seen Bob around -- notably during the Quidditch auction -- nobody who really tries can vouch for his presence in the castle since then*

*inside the classroom whose wards are known only to his TA and a very few others, a familiar rune-carved skull sits blankly on a shelf overlooking the all-too-neat rows of desks, its hollow eyes seemingly filled with a strange, impenetrable darkness that roils once in a while, as though in futile protest against an all-enveloping night.....*

[[Egad drama!! At least, in the meantime, Matt's got the care of Bob's cat. XDDDD]]
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[[Very, very unhackable, except maybe a tiny bit to Harry]]

There was one chance in a hundred that it wouldn't come to this. If it hasn't, no matter -- it soon will. He knows it, whether or not she had the maturity to understand what she's getting herself into. Has he even the slightest conception of the future it will rob her of? The lifestyle adjustment, the legal and social ramifications of undeath in wizarding society -- her friends and family, when the hunger comes upon her--

..yes, and her schoolmates. A vampire in seventh year. Dorming with the children.

If I could resign, wash my hands of the lot of them... they would still be in danger. And then -- what? Set the Fat Friar to watch the necks of his House? -- as it's obvious the Headmaster could give a rat's spleen for their safety....

Blast that impervious old man. It is vile -- criminal. If there is some vast, incomprehensible purpose to this... that's no excuse. The collateral damage is too high.


This coast is unspeakably beautiful. It's been centuries since I came this close to simple nature -- the grey stones, the fine white sand, and a sea that seems to go on forever....


[[At the time of this post Bob isn't aware of the mitigating factors involved in what happened to Piper. He's mainly furious at Dumbledore for closing his eyes during the school year to the circumstances that led to the whole situation. I am INSANELY busy today, but will be back for all teh plottage this evening! *waves*]]
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A small notice: those of you who have been taking my class in second year will have the choice of whether or not to continue it into your upper years. Naturally, I would advise you to do so. A proper understanding of rune inscription and syllabic interpretation will serve you well, whatever field you decide to go into once you graduate.

*Marco bats at the pen, causing a splatter of ink, and he swipes at the cat, shooing him off the table with his cold, misty hands*

..May you all have a fine, productive summer.

Filtered to first-years )
Private, 30% hackable to staff )

[[Strike unhackable. Ancient Runes is canonly a requirement for second-years, so Bob is speaking to the whole lot of you firsties. XD To help advance various plots, he will only be allowed out of Hogwarts for two weeks at a time, with no two fortnights spent in the same place.]]
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*faceghostlypalm, standing in a pile of shredded pages* Marco.....


This may be my chance..... if I report it too late for....


*tense, suddenly makes up his mind*

[[Filtered to Dwayne]]

If you would come down here for a moment... I find myself with something of a mess on my hands.

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*irritated* Twenty points from whoever is responsible for this chaos. And another point from everyone who decides this is a good time to run through me.

*realizes that Daisya is somewhere out in this mess... brain shies away from imagining how he might be dealing with it*

To those of you working on your syllibaries outside of class, do NOT let your paper signatures get wet, or you will have to make new ones.

Has anybody seen my cat? He slipped out of the staff room again.

*meanwhile, Marco, soaked to the skin from running through the Great Hall, is on an unlit torch pillar, hissing at several advancing suits of armor*
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*the tattooed catman slinks into the Great Hall and leaps onto a bench, crouching there with a good view of the room*

..I want a Chocolate Frog.

[[Private, on one of the less tattered pages of Bob's journal]]

Harry is still in Hogwarts. He wasn't sent to Durmstrang after all. That's....

*pauses, feeling that the simple phrase isn't adequate*

..Harry is here.

He's been here the whole term. It's incredible that we never encountered one another before... not that Ravenclaw Tower isn't usually outside my range, but this -- it's absurd, it's more than improbable... the curse of a doomed soul upon his lying relative! I didn't even permit myself to look for him.

And young Harry is still under his thumb. But I'm not. I am not. That has to count for something. Perhaps I can make a difference to him after all.


That settles any last chance of leaving my journal in here again. I will need somebody to sort through the mess and move the salvageable material back to my office. ..And where is that confounded animal? *ghosts out of the staff room, conflict writ large on his face, to brave the day's chaos and search for his 'cat'*

[[..i.e. feel free to encounter either or both. :D The rescue-Harry thread isn't finished yet, but this post is set sometime after Bob finds someone to let him out.]]
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Furniture overturned... pages scattered all over the room... I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY WITH YOURSELF!!

*an inhuman howl filters through the closed door*

*terse and, in his haste, unsigned* Will someone come to the secondary staff room and outfit this... person... with a spare robe!?? And bring your wand -- he may need to be subdued.

[[Hellooo, human!Marco, who has basically torn the staff room apart in flaily confusion. XD He's also ripped out several pages of Bob's journal, which is why the poor ghost still doesn't know about Harry Dresden.]]
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*angry muttering* Confound people walking in without looking where they're going! It's been twenty-four hours; where could the beast have gone? *grumbles* Back to the Forbidden Forest, I shouldn't doubt... wretched animal... I suppose I shouldn't have expected it to....

If anybody has seen a tattooed, hairless cat in the castle, kindly bring it back to the first-floor staff room. Thank you.

[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

I hope you've all been working hard on the parameters of your hexagrammatic rune charts. It is time to discuss imbuing these runes -- and even runes you did not write yourself -- with charms and trigger spells to make them magically active.

As you've all had experience working together, our next class sessions will be performed jointly with Professor Robin's class. You will pick a partner from her class, exchange hexagrams, choose a that you have learned this year, imbue the hexagram with the charm, and incorporate a trigger spell that will set it off whenever you desire. For homework, do the same thing to one of your own hexagrams for practice.


..And five points to anybody who finds that cat!

[[Strike not hackable, but mood is obvious to anyone who sees him. Edit: there may be a log for the project, so stay tuned! :D As for Marco, I'm giving him another day or so loose in the castle. Enjoy his ear-splitting greetings!]]
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I must say, that was one of the strangest masq ..confounded Sugar Quills. I should have guessed they'd try to make themselves useful. And will someone report to the secondary staff-room and gather up these leftover Chocolate Frogs? If my cat catches one there'll be the devil to -- MARCO!! Don't chase it into the--

..well, well, well. That was interesting.


No sign of her since that morning. This is not good. Heaven help her if she worked herself into a fit again with nobody around. If not.... there's no point in planning my revenge if I cannot even find her.

In the meantime... the book is still there, within reach of any student who manages to get a pass. It is a wrench, but... if the current possessor will not keep it contained, as befits such dangerous material....

Confound it. There should be another way -- but my vault will revert to Hogwarts if I am ever obliged to leave. There's no other alternative. It must cease to exist.


*paces, with poorly hidden agitation, between his office and the staff room*
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*turning slowly in the middle of his classroom, which is littered with spattered ink and bits of quills, brushes, and parchment* Havoc. Complete and utter havoc. I should have asked someone to ward my classroom against those... things. Well, too late now. It's going to take days to sort all this out.

[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

For anybody who did not receive the current assignment due to last week's... security issues, the project involves some of the abrasive inks which were fortunately left untouched. You will each select two pieces of slate from the stack by the wall, trace the letters of a common household spell on one of them in white graphite chalk, choose the correct ink from the table on Page 132 of Deciphering Ancient Runes, and then use a Number Three brush to practice etching letters and lines in your second piece of slate.

If this is your first experience with volatile materials, be sure to wear dragonhide gloves. The ink will burn if it touches your skin, but it can be flushed away with water. Allow the marks to stand for two minutes before wiping the residue away from your slate, and DO NOT write on your first slate until you are reasonably confident in using the ink. For homework, two inches on the type of ink you are using and why it is the right ink for the slate.


[[Filtered to Daisya]]

I would advise against any further nocturnal activity. If you really want a wild fruit bat, discuss the matter with your Care of Magical Creatures teacher or cast Point Me during the day, when you will have the added advantage of finding them asleep.


[[Late post... sorry, everyone! Essentially, a couple of Jakk's friends broke into Bob's classroom and made a mess of parchment and materials, causing him to dismiss several of his classes early. Feel free to have witnessed or heard of the debacle. XD As usual, brief notes on how your character managed the assignment are for the win! And Mell, can we say Izumi pranks Bob in some way before Halloween?]]
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[[Filtered to Marik]]

Marik -- if you see this within the next few hours, I'd appreciate some assistance with an injured animal I came across in the castle. The fractures are too extensive to repair without extensive rehabilitation before and afterward. Are you there?


[[Backdated two days ago to here. Sorry for the lateness.]]
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[[Private, hackable to staff]]

I see last names have gone out of fashion again. A promising development in some ways. Perhaps all those bloody piercings children wear these days will die out again as well.

*hears something in the corridor* ..If there are cats out there now.....



... *stops short*

..Is -- *voice catches; swallows* If someone -- if anyone is nearby at this time I would appreciate some assistance with a -- situation -- here in the castle....

[[Bob is currently standing near a pillar outside the Great Hall. This animal is huddled between the pillar and the wall, ill and emaciated, suffering from prolonged exposure and a fractured spine. Bob, of course, can do nothing concrete. Somebody help!!]]
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Bloke Offering Backrubs

Get Your Sexy Name

Will someone get this... this NOTE off my door!? Who the devil is responsible for it??? That confounded poltergeist, I expect... if once I get my hands on him I'll give him a backrub to remember... I'll see the little pest quake in his curled slippers... I'll freeze him to the core!

[[Filtered to Izumi]]

Well, your irreducible craving for fresh air was clearly not as bad an idea as I'd assumed. *smirks* At least it managed to keep me entertained. May I assume it did as much for you?


[[Filtered to Rangiku]]

Can I prevail upon you to owl Flourish & Blotts about those copies of Wright's? They've somehow neglected to send over the receipt for our requisition.


[[Is it okay to assume that Bob and Izumi returned to Hogwarts after their field trip?]]
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[[Filtered to Rangiku]]

*drily* As I haven't heard from you, I imagine that you're enjoying your vacation to the fullest. Where did you leave that list of next year's students assuming you got around to making one?


[[Filtered to Data]]

Well, that was illuminating.


Assuming anyone cares, I notice that a swift's nest has fallen down the chimney in the staff room. The eggs will still be viable if they are returned to their place within a day.

[[Which is as close as he'll get to admitting that he's feeling a bit isolated.]]


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