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*on the second floor, a hairless, tattooed cat paces back and forth in front of the sealed door to the Ancient Runes classroom, meowing piteously*

*inside, all is as before, though the darkness that seems to fill the rune-carved skull is quiescent now; the noise of students running to their next classes filters in through the wards, but skull and room are as silent as though there is nothing there to react*

*your clues are as follows: a curl of parchment beneath the desk, inscribed in dark deep-scored Latin, and a renewable ward in one corner whose material component is slowly dissolving in the face of neglect, causing the charm that seals the door to weaken as the days go by*

[[Anyone who knows Bob will be guessing by now that there's something unusual going on. Thanks to the time-lapse ward, his classroom is much easier to break into now. Go ahead, try it! XD]]
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*a sign on the door to the Ancient Runes classroom reads, in drippy multicolored paint, Clozd foar Reaprz; beneath this uncompromising legend, a dark-robed picture of Death with a scythe may or may not be some wit's commentary on the upcoming holiday*

*meanwhile, there has been no class for six days, and though some students swear their friends have seen Bob around -- notably during the Quidditch auction -- nobody who really tries can vouch for his presence in the castle since then*

*inside the classroom whose wards are known only to his TA and a very few others, a familiar rune-carved skull sits blankly on a shelf overlooking the all-too-neat rows of desks, its hollow eyes seemingly filled with a strange, impenetrable darkness that roils once in a while, as though in futile protest against an all-enveloping night.....*

[[Egad drama!! At least, in the meantime, Matt's got the care of Bob's cat. XDDDD]]
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*a sandy journal lies discarded under a bank of sea-grass, its pages ruffled by the wind, until, with a sharp word, the near-translucent wraith of its owner orders it up into the air to follow him home*

*proceeding at a swift but still decorous pace after the scampering child who is carrying his skull, Bob quietly dictates a few words to the floating journal*

..A fine week and a half. Such days have, alas, been too few of late. We shall say nothing of the cactus pear, the umbrella incident, the grindylows, and especially the giant clam. This experience, however initially involuntary, will doubtless remain a bright spot in my reminiscences for years to come.

And now... if you're ready for us, Marik?

*accidental voice post, trailing away as he calls ahead* ..Daisya, did you say Floo or portkey? Because if it is a Portkey, I highly recommend that you stow that artifact in some casing that will prevent it from being lost en route....

[[Strikes hackable to staff. XD And the above is backdated to whatever time Daisya and Bob left Turkey for the House of Ishtar!]]
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*glances in annoyance at the mud stains on his skull, which is now back on the highest shelf in his office*

[[Filtered to Daisya]]

Much as I appreciate your retrieving my skull from the lake again, I must insist that you cease persecuting the giant squid. Do you really wish the matter to be brought before your Head of House?


[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

Those of you who are taking final exams in my class this year will kindly note the following information down on the attached sign-in sheet:


I will also require a few pairs of hands to transport approximately fifty copies of The Polyglot Peril from my office to the library. House points will go to the first three six volunteers. There seem to be more books than I thought.....


[[This is my sneaky way of asking who's still in Bob's Ancient Runes class after the recent shakeups. XD If you're one of his students, please respond! THINK OF THE PAPERWORK!~

Bob's Spring 2008 Class List )
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*pacing through piles of books in his office, the weird light from his glowing skull casting odd flares over the narrow walls*


One advantage of this prank is that I will be able to carry myself to the day's festivities without having to ask anybody for help. How he persuaded the cursed thing to move with me rather than anchoring me in place... *irritated handwave* It must be a fluke. If Dark magic had any power to alter my sentence, I would have discovered it long ago.

..Time.... well, best be getting on with it.


*turns with a show of nervous energy, strides for the door, and is brought up short with his nasal cavity against the wood*


*a muttered curse* Though there are inconveniences as well.

*grumbling, orders the door to open and let him through*
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A week? Not likely. My skull had better not crash to the floor when these confounded charms wear off.

Hmph. Well... if this is my last week as an entity, I suppose I ought to make it a good one.

[[Filtered to staff]]

*deadpan LOL* I don't suppose there's a way of reversing this, is there?


[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

I'm sure I need not warn everyone that disruptions in class will not... be... tolerated.... so kindly keep the inevitable comments to yourselves.

Your assignment for the upcoming class will again be creating wards. This time, though, they will be etched in stone. Yes, you will be working with acid. No, you may not take any out of the classroom. Bring your dragonhide gloves; getting any on your hands will be a bad idea.


[[Thanks to Dwayne, Bob has a shiny, dazzling, flaring skull inside his ghostly head. Not exactly like the icon, but I couldn't resist. XDDD His normal features, pale and ghostly as they are, will be quite drowned out by TEH SHINY. Strike = unreadable. And come on, comment to say how your character does in class -- he wants to start doling out points!]]
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"Useless," muttered Bob, running his hands through his white hair.

The second-years had filed out, tense and subdued after a lesson that had included acid burns, exploding wards, and no fewer than three students randomly bursting into song. One child had gone to the Hospital Wing with a burn that Bob could have prevented had his hand been solid enough to catch the beaker when it slipped. The school's spontaneous musical epidemic had ceased to be amusing. )

[[Backdated to Friday. Complete lyrics are here.
Students may hear Bob's inadvertent emo performance, but this is the immediate aftermath.]]
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Days pass and nothing changes. Confound these manacles -- how can I do anything on such a short leash? If I inquire about her, she may come to hear of it. *paces* Perfidious witch -- she may well keep out of my way! None of the students can be spared this week (and they will keep up with the curriculum, whatever my private worries)... but the minute we move on to a less rigorous section, I will have that book, and that chapter in my history will be closed for good and all.


[[Filtered to Nico Robin]]

Would you be amenable to our classes working together for a joint Runes project? Mine have reached the specific intent portion of the rune theory section, and I would like them to practice activating other inscribers' rune hexagrams with their own magic. Would you approve of having your students trade hexagrams with mine, so they all get practice working with styles they're unfamiliar with?


You'd think people would have learnt not to walk through me by now.

[[So as not to worry about Izumi, he's spending his time plotting revenge for the lake incident. XD Strike hackable, especially to anyone who's happened to walk through Bob lately.]]
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[[Private, unhackable]]

Personal note: cut the foolery, Bainbridge... the dead have no truck with the living.


[[Filtered to Membrane]]

I find myself requiring an extra pair of hands to aid in preparing my classroom for next term. Perhaps you know of a student who could benefit from this type of busy-work?


[[Filtered to Rangiku]]

Thank you for seeing that my skull was returned to my office yesterday.

The final book list for next term will be Twenty-Five Magical Languages by Ufar Haldah and Deciphering Ancient Runes by Smedly Lurge, as well as Angela Cove's Symbols of Power: Linguistic Secrets Revealed for the upperclassmen and the aforementioned Wright's White Rites across the board. If you need any clarification, I will probably be in my office.


[[Bob will be in his skull for most of the day. Lateniks might find him haunting various areas of the castle throughout the night, always within fifty feet of his office. Also, feel free to trip over any of the indiscriminate selection of school cats who keep congregating outside his door.]]
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[[Filtered to official-type people and anyone in the vicinity]]

*seethes* Will someone PLEASE Vanish this... substance... off that skull and put it back on the table!? It's a valuable magical artifact -- why isn't this place shielded???

[[Since he's a judge and has to be on-site, Bob's skull was moved to wherever the non-field-judges are. Of course, it was hit by a stray bullet, which knocked it off the table and registered as a head shot (yay red paint), so it now looks grimmer than ever.]]
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Further Announcement about Ancient Runes

I have been asked to clarify the requirements for next year's curriculum. You do not have to know a second language in order to take the class. It is called Ancient Runes, not Ancient Dialects. While the class will briefly cover the definitions, origins, and branches of language, those subjects will be strictly background material to the study of letters, runes, hieroglyphics, and other symbols used in wizardry. Bring your English, and you may actually learn something.

[[Filtered to staff]]


*whips around, searching for the source of the noise; there's nothing broken on the brief bookshelf, nothing on the floor, nothing that could make a sound like that*


*looking up*



*all the frustration in the world* If somebody will come to my office, they will find a minor leak in my ceiling. I would take it kindly if it were to be fixed before it wears a hole through my skull or the books beneath it are damaged beyond


--recovery. *fumes*

[[The leaky water pipe in Bob's ceiling is dripping directly onto his skull and rapidly becoming worse, so if nobody shows up for a while, his crude bookcase is going to be very wet. Please, someone, think of the books! XD]]
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[[Private, unhackable]]

Dark portents... not that an acromantula crossing onto the school grounds is disturbing enough; I thought the wards were supposed to take care of those matters -- but something is raising my hackles, which is a good trick, seeing as I'm DEAD. My writing won't stay in the air and if I actually ever had a grave, I'd imagine that someone was treading it deeper at this very moment. Perhaps I should stay in my skull until it all blows over.....

*sticking his head out through the closed door* On the other hand, current events are giving me an excellent chance to observe cats in their natural environment. I wonder if one of these animals is Professor Soong's?


To the Gryffindor student who left his or her bookbag in the outer hall beside my door, Mrs. Norris and several of her ilk are taking an undue interest in it, so I would advise you to collect it immediately before it is dragged off and demolished. What's in there, kippers?

[[Jumping on the general bandwagon of something-feels-off, if that's okay. Feel free to claim the bag (or any of the cats).]]
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..Who left my closet office door open?? Somebody kindly close it at once!!!


Oh, this is it. This is INTOLERABLE. The noise level near the Great Hall is disturbing at the best of times, but with people leaving that door open at all hours of the day or night? *impatient sigh* Soundproofing charm... a command word for the door.... just another chore that I'll have to prevail upon someone to do. I would say that's life, but, well, it isn't.


[[Anybody looking in will see a cramped room, two or three grimoires lying open on the small desk, a burning oil lamp, several thick dribbling candles, a transcription quill poised above Bob's journal, and the rune-carved skull sitting alone on a high shelf.]]
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No way outside.

The size of this castle... walls and rooms going on forever, or at least far enough to make all the difference. A murrain on this curse! *frets* But all is not yet lost. There's more than one way to skin a cat, if only metaphorically.


*stands in the back of the Great Hall, forbidding of mien and demeanor, watching the fireworks through the enchanted ceiling*
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*letters neatly printed, courtesy of a fresh transcription quill*

[[Private, 5% hackable]]

Testing, testing... this appears to work after all.

*clears throat*

Well, what a tawdry little place this is, to be sure. Not that I've accumulated a surfeit of material belongings in my travels, but it would be nice to own a space somewhat larger than a broom closet, so that I can meet students without having them stand in me all the time.

Still, there's no denying the convenience of the area. It was thoughtful of Dumbledore to situate me between the Great Hall and the teacher's lounge, with at least four classrooms close enough to traverse without difficulty.

This place is packed with children -- inevitable, I suppose, for an institution purporting to contribute to wizarding education. *long-suffering sigh* Perhaps I'll attend the next staff meeting. It would be as well to have the worst of this unexpected situation sooner than later.



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