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PEEVES!! Come back here with th

*mad laughter, ZAP, howling, a few char marks*

Eeeeheheheheh! Wicked ghostie, putting electric wards on a pretty book like this! How can we make it nicer? I know -- with a dunk in the lake!<3

[[Bob's in the front hall, but can't get outside the castle. Somebody save his journal? XD]]
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That Ryuzaki... 'important business', my foot. With his academic performance to date, he can take some time out of his jam-packed life for a twelve-foot analysis of early Coptic inscriptions. Best if he knows his school is still here and waiting for him.

I'll miss seeing that smug face in class.

This house-elf business is too good to be true. They don't need to make time to assist a ghost, and yet they're doing so. Someone must have put them up to it. *chuckles* ..I have a secret admirer? I'd almost be tempted to... but no, their first loyalty is to the castle; there's no way to swear them to the kind of complete secrecy I need.

*paces, finally comes to a stop, staring off into the distance*

..No. It must be a child.


To Marik and the other new Head of House appointees, as well as to the new Prefects and Head Boys and Girls, all congratulations.

If anyone needs me, I'll be in my skull office.

[[Strikes = not there. With Pattra's permission, Bob is going to keep pelting the absent L with homework. Otherwise, he'll spend the day in his office, which is locked... unless you know the password. >D]]
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*hears scratches and hoots, sticks his head through his office door*

What... an owl?? I haven't gotten an owl in two centuries....

*speaks the keyword to let it in, winces as it knocks a candle off the table*

Hmm... some kind of flyer, apparently... stop beating your wings through my face, you aggravating creature. Do I look like I can remove that string from your leg?? Confound it, where's Filch when you need him!?
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[[Private, unhackable]]

Personal note: cut the foolery, Bainbridge... the dead have no truck with the living.


[[Filtered to Membrane]]

I find myself requiring an extra pair of hands to aid in preparing my classroom for next term. Perhaps you know of a student who could benefit from this type of busy-work?


[[Filtered to Rangiku]]

Thank you for seeing that my skull was returned to my office yesterday.

The final book list for next term will be Twenty-Five Magical Languages by Ufar Haldah and Deciphering Ancient Runes by Smedly Lurge, as well as Angela Cove's Symbols of Power: Linguistic Secrets Revealed for the upperclassmen and the aforementioned Wright's White Rites across the board. If you need any clarification, I will probably be in my office.


[[Bob will be in his skull for most of the day. Lateniks might find him haunting various areas of the castle throughout the night, always within fifty feet of his office. Also, feel free to trip over any of the indiscriminate selection of school cats who keep congregating outside his door.]]


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