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*accidental voice post* ..Mister! Off the table NOW. I said NOW! Shoo! Go on, and try not to bring the earth-elements shelf down with you as well!

..Hm? *double-take at the journal lying open on the floor; eyes narrow* Harry, if you're reading this, your cat has the manners of a hippo.

[[ooc: Placeholder post; can be taken as canon!Bob or as SH!AU Bob. Just trying to get back in the character's voice, though he isn't in play anywhere right now.]]
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..hmph. Thank heaven for small favours, then.

Well, Marik, I must thank you for your hospitality during the past weeks. Your reference library is rather astonishing. And for those others who have shared that same hospitality, we really must do this again sometime. Preferably without the Quidditch.

Filtered to Daisya )


Students taking Ancient Runes with Professor Robert Bainbridge will kindly append the following information to this form:
      Full name
      Year (as of this fall)
      Languages (spoken, written, read)
      Year(s) in which student has taken this subject before

Please note the textbook information for your year. Your books may be ordered from Flourish & Blotts in Diagon Alley, and will be available for you to pick up during the last two weeks before classes begin.

Second Years ) Third Years ) Fourth Years ) Fifth Years ) Sixth Years ) Seventh Years )

[[Bob and Harry Dresden had planned for the ghost to visit Chicago at some point during the summer, so at the discretion of Harry's mun, I am taking the liberty of saying that this post occurs directly before that visit, whenever it should be. Daisya-mun, Bob's concerned about his faithful little spaz; and in re what we talked about, negotiations proceed apace! And if your character will be in Ancient Runes, please comment with their information. Think of the paperwork you'll save! ;D]]
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Private, a few words hackable here and there )

[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

Bring your Wright's workbook to tomorrow's lesson. We will be examining early circles of summoning and how their efficacy changes with the alphabet used in the rim. If you have already taken three or more years of Runes, you will find a more detailed explanation in the first chapter of Linguistic Secrets Revealed. After the discussion, there will be a five-inch practical to be handed in at the end of class.


[[Filtered to Daisya]]

How is the book?


*peers out through his door and is greeted by a number of expectant-looking cats*

..Oh, not again.
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To all second-years, and any other students who will be taking Ancient Runes in the upcoming term: please reply to this sign-in sheet with your name, House, and year, as well as any languages or writing systems in which you are fluent or have at least a passing familiarity.

Sign-ups will be open until the last week of the term. You do not have to sign again if you already responded to the previous sign-in sheet.

For the upcoming course, second years will be asked to acquire clean copies of Twenty-Five Magical Languages by Ufar Haldah and Deciphering Ancient Runes by Smedly Lurge. Upper years will need Angela Cove's Symbols of Power: Linguistic Secrets Revealed, and everyone will need the year-appropriate volume of Wright's White Rites Rightly Writ with its accompanying workbook.

--Professor Robert Bainbridge

[[Filtered to Rangiku]]

*irritated* Please contact Flourish & Blotts and find out why we haven't received that invoice. As I can't go down there myself.....


[[Current class list]] )
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*hears scratches and hoots, sticks his head through his office door*

What... an owl?? I haven't gotten an owl in two centuries....

*speaks the keyword to let it in, winces as it knocks a candle off the table*

Hmm... some kind of flyer, apparently... stop beating your wings through my face, you aggravating creature. Do I look like I can remove that string from your leg?? Confound it, where's Filch when you need him!?
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[[Private, unhackable]]

Personal note: cut the foolery, Bainbridge... the dead have no truck with the living.


[[Filtered to Membrane]]

I find myself requiring an extra pair of hands to aid in preparing my classroom for next term. Perhaps you know of a student who could benefit from this type of busy-work?


[[Filtered to Rangiku]]

Thank you for seeing that my skull was returned to my office yesterday.

The final book list for next term will be Twenty-Five Magical Languages by Ufar Haldah and Deciphering Ancient Runes by Smedly Lurge, as well as Angela Cove's Symbols of Power: Linguistic Secrets Revealed for the upperclassmen and the aforementioned Wright's White Rites across the board. If you need any clarification, I will probably be in my office.


[[Bob will be in his skull for most of the day. Lateniks might find him haunting various areas of the castle throughout the night, always within fifty feet of his office. Also, feel free to trip over any of the indiscriminate selection of school cats who keep congregating outside his door.]]
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As a wizard, you will be using runes and symbols in everything from Transfiguration to Astronomy, Divination, and Potions; your skill at inscribing them correctly might make the difference between a successful spell and a rather messy demise. If you are entering your second year, or will be taking Ancient Runes as an elective in the fall, reply here with your name, House, upcoming year, and any languages or writing systems with which you have at least a passing familiarity.

*add-in note scrawled between the lines* Sign-ups will be open until a week before next term.

--Professor Robert Bainbridge

[[Filtered to Rangiku]]

Among other texts, I will be assigning Wright's White Rites Rightly Writ with its accompanying workbook. It's updated every year, so the request has to go in early. When we have a general idea of the class's population, please let Flourish & Blotts know how many copies they should acquire, and also order seven extra ones for the school library in anticipation of those students who will inevitably manage to destroy their own.

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Oddly enough... this is preferable to the constant din from the Great Hall.

*bops slightly to the beat*

[[Filtered from students]]

So this is to be my classroom. Adequate, possibly, but a lectern would be more useful than a desk in my situation. Tools will go here; books along this wall; and the windows... hmmm..... The blackboard can stay, though. *dark chuckle* Must have a way for the dear students to demonstrate their work in front of the class.

[[Filtered to the TA]]

Rangiku, I'd appreciate it if you would give the classroom door a password, as I am obviously unable to use a key. Since you will also need access to this room, your setting the word will kill two birds with one stone. It's the first classroom along the western second-floor corridor.


[[Filtered to Miss Harnet]]

Miss Harnet. If in your duties you require any references on ancient runes that are not to be found in the school library, you are welcome to browse through my material; some of it is specifically earmarked towards Transfiguration.

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..Who left my closet office door open?? Somebody kindly close it at once!!!


Oh, this is it. This is INTOLERABLE. The noise level near the Great Hall is disturbing at the best of times, but with people leaving that door open at all hours of the day or night? *impatient sigh* Soundproofing charm... a command word for the door.... just another chore that I'll have to prevail upon someone to do. I would say that's life, but, well, it isn't.


[[Anybody looking in will see a cramped room, two or three grimoires lying open on the small desk, a burning oil lamp, several thick dribbling candles, a transcription quill poised above Bob's journal, and the rune-carved skull sitting alone on a high shelf.]]
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*letters neatly printed, courtesy of a fresh transcription quill*

[[Private, 5% hackable]]

Testing, testing... this appears to work after all.

*clears throat*

Well, what a tawdry little place this is, to be sure. Not that I've accumulated a surfeit of material belongings in my travels, but it would be nice to own a space somewhat larger than a broom closet, so that I can meet students without having them stand in me all the time.

Still, there's no denying the convenience of the area. It was thoughtful of Dumbledore to situate me between the Great Hall and the teacher's lounge, with at least four classrooms close enough to traverse without difficulty.

This place is packed with children -- inevitable, I suppose, for an institution purporting to contribute to wizarding education. *long-suffering sigh* Perhaps I'll attend the next staff meeting. It would be as well to have the worst of this unexpected situation sooner than later.



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