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Congratulations to our newly minted Prefects and Heads of Houses. I'll be looking forward to working with you all again this year.

Castiel, I see that Marco is in the staff room now, if Lilith could be persuaded to join him there. Do you know where any of the other kittens are at the moment?

[[Filtered to Spencer]]

Spencer, my skull is in my classroom. When do you plan to head out?


*checks that his office door is fastened and properly warded against, ahem, Peeves and takes the scenic route up the stairs instead of going straight through the ceiling*

[[Totally backdated to yesterday. Remember, kids, sign up for Ancient Runes here! Also, some of you may presently get uber-late last-week comments from my characters. >___> Sorry they're so very uber-late.]]
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..Well, that went well. *NOT*

Hm, it's about time to start restocking for next year's classes. I'll be in my skull office if anybody needs me.

*the next two pages are covered with INCREDIBLY BORING notes about Runes supplies, prices, quantities, ordering information, ETC ETC ETC*

[[Strikes oh so unhackable. B| Bob thinks he needs some time to himself after all the recent stuff that's happened. Others may disagree, especially as Bob doesn't know Thobari has now heard about some of what happened.~]]
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*amused* Some of you may be pleased to know that the wards on my classroom have been altered so as not to permit the latest curse.

Others may not be as pleased... because the precaution has been taken in anticipation of a test for which you will all be revising during the beginning of this week. Having everyone's thoughts public would be less than conducive to such a proceeding, don't you think? *smirks*

This will be a preliminary test to your end-of-the-year exams, and will comprise everything on the curriculum from the beginning of the year to the winter break. The second half of the preliminary exam will take place next week. Those of you who are preparing for OWLs and NEWTs are advised to peruse your notes very, very carefully.

*unfortunately, his journal is still down in his tiny office, so the following strikeout is somewhat less than stricken* There, that should wake them all up. ..Has anybody seen my cat?

100% hackable )

*meanwhile, on the seventh floor, a tattooed, hairless cat is having a fine old time chasing a number of crabs perilously close to the edge of the stairwell*

[[By 'them', Bob refers to certain Dark textbooks which he's taken out of the Restricted Section in order to restrict them a bit more than Dumbledore has seen fit. XD And if your character was around back in December when everyone got a pet crab, feel free to have your crab be among those that Marco is pestering!]]
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*glances in annoyance at the mud stains on his skull, which is now back on the highest shelf in his office*

[[Filtered to Daisya]]

Much as I appreciate your retrieving my skull from the lake again, I must insist that you cease persecuting the giant squid. Do you really wish the matter to be brought before your Head of House?


[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

Those of you who are taking final exams in my class this year will kindly note the following information down on the attached sign-in sheet:


I will also require a few pairs of hands to transport approximately fifty copies of The Polyglot Peril from my office to the library. House points will go to the first three six volunteers. There seem to be more books than I thought.....


[[This is my sneaky way of asking who's still in Bob's Ancient Runes class after the recent shakeups. XD If you're one of his students, please respond! THINK OF THE PAPERWORK!~

Bob's Spring 2008 Class List )
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*pacing through piles of books in his office, the weird light from his glowing skull casting odd flares over the narrow walls*


One advantage of this prank is that I will be able to carry myself to the day's festivities without having to ask anybody for help. How he persuaded the cursed thing to move with me rather than anchoring me in place... *irritated handwave* It must be a fluke. If Dark magic had any power to alter my sentence, I would have discovered it long ago.

..Time.... well, best be getting on with it.


*turns with a show of nervous energy, strides for the door, and is brought up short with his nasal cavity against the wood*


*a muttered curse* Though there are inconveniences as well.

*grumbling, orders the door to open and let him through*
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*irritated* Of course Madame Pince didn't notice anything yet. The volumes were borrowed in my name; I could keep them out for months.

All the better to find time to unwind the wards.....


*dark look at the leather volume on the floor under his desk, aware of the malice it radiates even with several books of white wizardry stacked on top of it*

*has obviously been cleaning house -- the lower four shelves of his bookcase are stocked with spare textbooks, and the half-dozen volumes he received as gifts over the last few weeks are neatly lined up on the next shelf, save one book on advanced cantrips and...*

*regards the lurid cover of a rather steamy harlequin paperback and directs the house-elf to place it on the highest shelf, backwards and upside down*

[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

Whoever still needs to take (or retake) the end-of-term exam, please let me know when you are ready. As the term starts next Monday, you would do well to take it a few days beforehand so as to have it off your minds before classes begin again.

Enjoy the remainder of your vacation.

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[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

Your end-of-term exam will take place on Friday. Please turn in your completed syllabaries before that date. You will begin to use them when the new term begins.


[[Filtered to Haruno Sakura, Harry Dresden, and (just in case) Kenny McCormick]]

For those who need to take the exam at the end of the break rather than at the beginning, I need to see a projected study schedule from each of you in order to be sure that you are on track to complete the work as scheduled.


And now... to deal with the rest of it.....

*strides through the wall to the secondary staff room, leaving his office unlocked for Filch to take care of the large spider that has been lurking under his desk*

Hmm... at least Marco has been quiet today. Perhaps he had his fill of shredding my class materials. Madame Pince will notice before the week is out. If the trail can be muddied a bit further.... *glances over at the mess of open library books -- comprising one less volume than it did the previous day....*

*rubs hands together cheerfully* I wonder what's going on in the rest of the castle.

[[No log for the exam, but do let me know how your character handles it. Bob won't be affected by the mistletoe for more than a moment: although feel free to get stuck walking through him. And if your character happens to notice the state of his office door... well, so much the better. >D]]
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Days pass and nothing changes. Confound these manacles -- how can I do anything on such a short leash? If I inquire about her, she may come to hear of it. *paces* Perfidious witch -- she may well keep out of my way! None of the students can be spared this week (and they will keep up with the curriculum, whatever my private worries)... but the minute we move on to a less rigorous section, I will have that book, and that chapter in my history will be closed for good and all.


[[Filtered to Nico Robin]]

Would you be amenable to our classes working together for a joint Runes project? Mine have reached the specific intent portion of the rune theory section, and I would like them to practice activating other inscribers' rune hexagrams with their own magic. Would you approve of having your students trade hexagrams with mine, so they all get practice working with styles they're unfamiliar with?


You'd think people would have learnt not to walk through me by now.

[[So as not to worry about Izumi, he's spending his time plotting revenge for the lake incident. XD Strike hackable, especially to anyone who's happened to walk through Bob lately.]]
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That Ryuzaki... 'important business', my foot. With his academic performance to date, he can take some time out of his jam-packed life for a twelve-foot analysis of early Coptic inscriptions. Best if he knows his school is still here and waiting for him.

I'll miss seeing that smug face in class.

This house-elf business is too good to be true. They don't need to make time to assist a ghost, and yet they're doing so. Someone must have put them up to it. *chuckles* ..I have a secret admirer? I'd almost be tempted to... but no, their first loyalty is to the castle; there's no way to swear them to the kind of complete secrecy I need.

*paces, finally comes to a stop, staring off into the distance*

..No. It must be a child.


To Marik and the other new Head of House appointees, as well as to the new Prefects and Head Boys and Girls, all congratulations.

If anyone needs me, I'll be in my skull office.

[[Strikes = not there. With Pattra's permission, Bob is going to keep pelting the absent L with homework. Otherwise, he'll spend the day in his office, which is locked... unless you know the password. >D]]
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Private, a few words hackable here and there )

[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

Bring your Wright's workbook to tomorrow's lesson. We will be examining early circles of summoning and how their efficacy changes with the alphabet used in the rim. If you have already taken three or more years of Runes, you will find a more detailed explanation in the first chapter of Linguistic Secrets Revealed. After the discussion, there will be a five-inch practical to be handed in at the end of class.


[[Filtered to Daisya]]

How is the book?


*peers out through his door and is greeted by a number of expectant-looking cats*

..Oh, not again.
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[[Private; somewhat hackable]]

*fumes* That Baron is insufferable. Groaning and clanking all over the place, as if his was the only tragedy that mattered in a castle full of ghosts..... Well, there's one good use for him, anyway.


CAUGHT YOU THIS TIME, HAVEN'T I, PEEVES!? Kippers hidden around my door every day, and of course I couldn't smell them... that explains everything. You stay away from my domain from now on, or--

*colorful, scratchy script* Ahaha, all in good fun, weren't it, Proffie?? Isn't the poor pearly ghostie lonely in his little box? Can't stop the fuzzies, can he? Poor ickle--

--will you shut it!? I'll set the Baron on you, I swear!

..Izumi, Rangiku, a thousand thanks for making my office and classroom impervious to unauthorized meddling. The alternative does not bear contemplation.

[[The exchange between Bob and Peeves, caught by the transcription quill, may be audible as well.]]
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Bloke Offering Backrubs

Get Your Sexy Name

Will someone get this... this NOTE off my door!? Who the devil is responsible for it??? That confounded poltergeist, I expect... if once I get my hands on him I'll give him a backrub to remember... I'll see the little pest quake in his curled slippers... I'll freeze him to the core!

[[Filtered to Izumi]]

Well, your irreducible craving for fresh air was clearly not as bad an idea as I'd assumed. *smirks* At least it managed to keep me entertained. May I assume it did as much for you?


[[Filtered to Rangiku]]

Can I prevail upon you to owl Flourish & Blotts about those copies of Wright's? They've somehow neglected to send over the receipt for our requisition.


[[Is it okay to assume that Bob and Izumi returned to Hogwarts after their field trip?]]
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*hears scratches and hoots, sticks his head through his office door*

What... an owl?? I haven't gotten an owl in two centuries....

*speaks the keyword to let it in, winces as it knocks a candle off the table*

Hmm... some kind of flyer, apparently... stop beating your wings through my face, you aggravating creature. Do I look like I can remove that string from your leg?? Confound it, where's Filch when you need him!?
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Further Announcement about Ancient Runes

I have been asked to clarify the requirements for next year's curriculum. You do not have to know a second language in order to take the class. It is called Ancient Runes, not Ancient Dialects. While the class will briefly cover the definitions, origins, and branches of language, those subjects will be strictly background material to the study of letters, runes, hieroglyphics, and other symbols used in wizardry. Bring your English, and you may actually learn something.

[[Filtered to staff]]


*whips around, searching for the source of the noise; there's nothing broken on the brief bookshelf, nothing on the floor, nothing that could make a sound like that*


*looking up*



*all the frustration in the world* If somebody will come to my office, they will find a minor leak in my ceiling. I would take it kindly if it were to be fixed before it wears a hole through my skull or the books beneath it are damaged beyond


--recovery. *fumes*

[[The leaky water pipe in Bob's ceiling is dripping directly onto his skull and rapidly becoming worse, so if nobody shows up for a while, his crude bookcase is going to be very wet. Please, someone, think of the books! XD]]
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[[Private, unhackable]]

Dark portents... not that an acromantula crossing onto the school grounds is disturbing enough; I thought the wards were supposed to take care of those matters -- but something is raising my hackles, which is a good trick, seeing as I'm DEAD. My writing won't stay in the air and if I actually ever had a grave, I'd imagine that someone was treading it deeper at this very moment. Perhaps I should stay in my skull until it all blows over.....

*sticking his head out through the closed door* On the other hand, current events are giving me an excellent chance to observe cats in their natural environment. I wonder if one of these animals is Professor Soong's?


To the Gryffindor student who left his or her bookbag in the outer hall beside my door, Mrs. Norris and several of her ilk are taking an undue interest in it, so I would advise you to collect it immediately before it is dragged off and demolished. What's in there, kippers?

[[Jumping on the general bandwagon of something-feels-off, if that's okay. Feel free to claim the bag (or any of the cats).]]
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My door now operates on command -- thanks to that TA... what was her name, Harnet? Perhaps next time we meet, I'll actually find out what she looks like. Difficult to believe that I can now gain complete privacy at will. *ironically* Good heavens, it wouldn't do to let all this heady newfound power get the better of me -- complete, untrammeled freedom can be as much a curse as this captivity.

Still, this office is inadequate for the formulae I wish to study. The middle classroom overhead is empty. Perhaps that'll work.


Ah, now this is better.... *surveying the dusty boxes, upturned benches, sunlight filtering in from the cobwebby window* Enough room and more... as long as nobody comes in.

[[Bob hasn't been very social, so I'm forcing him out into a public area. He will be in an unassigned classroom on the second floor, filling the place from wall to wall with glowing, complicated magical equations. From time to time, he'll drop out of sight through the floor to check something from the books in his office. Feel free to find a reason to go in there. XD]]
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..Who left my closet office door open?? Somebody kindly close it at once!!!


Oh, this is it. This is INTOLERABLE. The noise level near the Great Hall is disturbing at the best of times, but with people leaving that door open at all hours of the day or night? *impatient sigh* Soundproofing charm... a command word for the door.... just another chore that I'll have to prevail upon someone to do. I would say that's life, but, well, it isn't.


[[Anybody looking in will see a cramped room, two or three grimoires lying open on the small desk, a burning oil lamp, several thick dribbling candles, a transcription quill poised above Bob's journal, and the rune-carved skull sitting alone on a high shelf.]]
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*letters neatly printed, courtesy of a fresh transcription quill*

[[Private, 5% hackable]]

Testing, testing... this appears to work after all.

*clears throat*

Well, what a tawdry little place this is, to be sure. Not that I've accumulated a surfeit of material belongings in my travels, but it would be nice to own a space somewhat larger than a broom closet, so that I can meet students without having them stand in me all the time.

Still, there's no denying the convenience of the area. It was thoughtful of Dumbledore to situate me between the Great Hall and the teacher's lounge, with at least four classrooms close enough to traverse without difficulty.

This place is packed with children -- inevitable, I suppose, for an institution purporting to contribute to wizarding education. *long-suffering sigh* Perhaps I'll attend the next staff meeting. It would be as well to have the worst of this unexpected situation sooner than later.



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