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One would think that with so many students away for the holidays, the school would be somewhat less chaotic.

*pauses for mental rimshot*

At any rate, I am gratified to hear that most of you are enjoying your winter break. And for those of you who are not... remember, you'll be back here in less than a month.

*Bob's gift list: to be delivered by house-elves on the appropriate morning* )
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Whoever is responsible for the current condition of my skull.... just... ask next time so that I can head you off. *totally suspects Daisya* My doors, by the way, are newly warded; you will not have such an easy time of it again.

*Note to Bob's students*

I am very pleased with most of your work on the end-of-term exams. There were a few rough spots, but those can be smoothed away next month. My best wishes for an enjoyable holiday season.

--Professor Bainbridge

[[Filtered to Syaoran]]

I regret to say that I will be detained here at the castle for at least a week. Thank you, however, for your kind invitation, and I hope that you and Harry have a productive holiday.



At least that's done... they will arrive on the proper morning, granting that all the recipients are alive. Which they will be. If some fresh evil had befallen Miss Harnet, surely it would have been mentioned in the Great Hall. What's the matter with the girl? I'm the one who got thrown in the lake!

Nothing has been heard from Madame Pince. Surely she has discovered the discrepancy already. Though I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, the suspense has begun to grate upon my nerves.


[[Backdated to before the train log. By 'they', Bob refers to the gifts he has dispatched to various people -- they'll be posted as soon as I've compiled them. XD Syaoran, barring anything explicit from Harry-mun, Bob is simply assuming that the two have already discussed the matter, which may or may not be true.]]
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[[Private, first sentence hackable to Dwayne]]

Hmph. It's been too long; there's no use making an incident now. Not that I could think of anything good....

Well. If avoiding me will raise her life expectancy, so be it.

..I suppose I have to think about gifts. It's been centuries since that was a concern of mine. At least I know what Peeves is getting: absolutely nothing.


Notes to Sakura Haruno, Harry Dresden, and Daisya Barry )

[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

In our next class you will emboss the covers of your syllabaries with your names in Futhark runes, the date (minute, hour, day, month, and century) in Roman numerals, and a box ward in anagrammatic form running all the way around the outside edge of the covers. Use parchment to plan the position of the runes; a broken rune string can result in a broken ward.

When you are finished, perform the translation spell that you will find in section twenty-seven of your Wright's workbook. This will allow the syllabary, once complete, to fall open to the page with the syllable that you need.

The rest of the class will be occupied by revising for the end-of-term test. If you have any questions, ask them now.


[[Notes visible only to their recipients. Soooo, Bob has nowhere to be for the holidays. As far as he's concerned, Harry has nowhere decent to go either, and he'd like to do something about that. Plot, anyone? >D]]
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..she's disappeared again, hasn't she? Not hiding from my revenge. That would not be like her. But in that case.....

[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

I hope you've all finished stitching the signatures on your syllabaries. The next step is to prepare the spine to accept the binding. Those of you who used vegetable paper for your signatures will want organic adhesive; if you used parchment, a synthetic glue will balance its magical signature more effectively.

Once you've affixed the cheesecloth to the spine and left it to dry, come up to the supply case and select boards and end-papers of the proper sizes. For cover material, choose from the attached list. )

The physical portion of the binding will take about half the class and incorporate one of the three forms of binding that your textbook does not elucidate: the binding of one material to another with intent to create a new object. Since your book will contain magical syllables, you will do well not to let your mind drift, or you will find throughout the year that the syllables will... leak.


Notes for Harry Dresden, Daisya Barry, and Nico Robin. )

[[Filtered to staff]]

Has anybody seen Miss Harnet?


[[By 'signatures', Bob means the folded sheets of paper, sewn together, which sit side by side to make up a book. Feel free to have your character find another meaning in Bob's class instructions. XD Re Izumi: he hasn't seen her for a few days and is afraid she's ill again, not that he'll say it aloud. Again, the bracketed notes can only be read by the people they're meant for.]]
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Notes for Izumi, Vala, Dwayne, Daisya, and Marik )

[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

We have been focused during this term on practical concepts of language, art, and intent. Our last section will be a synthesis of the three, during which you will craft, bind, and imbue a ten-page syllabary with which to record the linguistic concepts upon which we will focus for the rest of the year. Bring your dragon-hide gloves, as you will be working with acid, glue, and volatile dyes.

When your syllabaries are finished, we will spend the next few classes revising for the end-of-term exam, upon which I expect each of you to earn an O. If you have questions on any portion of the work we have done to date, do not hesitate to approach me for clarification -- and the sooner the better. From now on, you will bring all of your textbooks to class.....

..And if you do exceptionally well, there will be no take-home work for the holiday break.


[[Each note is visible only to whomever it's addressed to. What Bob has to say to Dwayne will depend on what Izumi has to say to him -- her help in Harry's rescue has done a great deal to ameliorate his anger over the lake incident. As usual, respond with a character comment or OOC note telling how your character does in the class.]]
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Days pass and nothing changes. Confound these manacles -- how can I do anything on such a short leash? If I inquire about her, she may come to hear of it. *paces* Perfidious witch -- she may well keep out of my way! None of the students can be spared this week (and they will keep up with the curriculum, whatever my private worries)... but the minute we move on to a less rigorous section, I will have that book, and that chapter in my history will be closed for good and all.


[[Filtered to Nico Robin]]

Would you be amenable to our classes working together for a joint Runes project? Mine have reached the specific intent portion of the rune theory section, and I would like them to practice activating other inscribers' rune hexagrams with their own magic. Would you approve of having your students trade hexagrams with mine, so they all get practice working with styles they're unfamiliar with?


You'd think people would have learnt not to walk through me by now.

[[So as not to worry about Izumi, he's spending his time plotting revenge for the lake incident. XD Strike hackable, especially to anyone who's happened to walk through Bob lately.]]
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I must say, that was one of the strangest masq ..confounded Sugar Quills. I should have guessed they'd try to make themselves useful. And will someone report to the secondary staff-room and gather up these leftover Chocolate Frogs? If my cat catches one there'll be the devil to -- MARCO!! Don't chase it into the--

..well, well, well. That was interesting.


No sign of her since that morning. This is not good. Heaven help her if she worked herself into a fit again with nobody around. If not.... there's no point in planning my revenge if I cannot even find her.

In the meantime... the book is still there, within reach of any student who manages to get a pass. It is a wrench, but... if the current possessor will not keep it contained, as befits such dangerous material....

Confound it. There should be another way -- but my vault will revert to Hogwarts if I am ever obliged to leave. There's no other alternative. It must cease to exist.


*paces, with poorly hidden agitation, between his office and the staff room*
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*haunting his office, all ready for his stint at the haunted corridor... but instead of his usual pearly hue, he's now blinking between very pale orange and sooty black, clearly the result of a prank*

This should be an interesting afternoon.

[[Filtered to Daisya]]

Hmm. Somewhat. The sentiment, at least, is most appreciated.


[[Filtered to Izumi]]

I suppose you're not responsible for this pyrotechnic display?


No... she would have signed it. But I think I know who did. *wicked smile* Good thing I pranked her back.

[[Strikes illegible. Bob is guessing that Vala sent him the prank.]]
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*materializes in his empty office, ascot crooked and face stamped with what looks like a permanent snarl*

*glares up to his skull, which is on the same shelf as always and appears none the worse for its recent adventures*

So she had the decency to retrieve me herself. That changes nothing. She could have destroyed me. That temper of hers... if I were less easy to manhandle, it would have harmed her just as easily.... *clenches impotent fists* I should have known this would never end.

The doors. The wards... there's no safety here.

As if there ever was.

[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

For this week's homework I want two feet on language changes during the Norman-Saxon conquests and a complete reverse translation of the Beowulf prelude from the original Old English. You will find the relevant information in A History of Magic and Chapter Seventeen of Twenty-Five Magical Languages, which everyone is to read before class. There will be an oral quiz on the subject.



[[Strikes completely unhackable. Thanks to Izumi's throwing him in the lake, Bob will be a dragon in class for the next few days. Feel free to take notice of his mood. XD]]
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Finally, the receipt!

To those students taking my Ancient Runes course: if you visited Flourish & Blotts too early to obtain Wright's White Rites Rightly Writ, which arrived late last week, a copy will be forwarded to Hogwarts on request.

Sick of being forced to read in class??
Try our TOP LINE of magically illustrated abridgements,
guaranteed to entertain for hours while disguised
as a perfectly ordinary schoolbook!!!


This product is not designed to take the place
of serious literature. Burnable copies are available
for teachers at double price.

... *strikes the ad out with lots and lots of ink*

[[Filtered to staff, 40% hackable to others]]

In case you were wondering, the cat's spine has been repaired and he is now able to move around. He is still in considerable pain, so kindly refrain from startling him while he is still in the staff-room. Jareth, Izumi -- thank you for assisting in his recovery.

Data, you might be interested in seeing him. Is it normal for a creature this size to be able to make such a piercing sound?

..Well... why not? It isn't as if anybody has shown up to claim him... and if he's going to be here for much longer, I can't keep calling him Hey.... MARCO, YOU DO NOT TOUCH THE FEATH-- *series of random lines and scratches where the cat attacked Bob's quill*

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There's been a constant stream of enchanted packages gliding in through the front gates and streaming off to all corners of the castle. School supplies arriving, no doubt -- though I still haven't had the receipt for Wright's White Rites Rightly Writ. You did contact Flourish & Blotts, didn't you, Rangiku?

No cats. The hall is strangely quiet.

[[Filtered to Izumi]]

Well, I suppose you know your own limits better than anyone. Have a good trip, and for heaven's sake learn to trust someone before you really get hurt carry a Portkey with you in case you need to cover a large distance in a hurry.



Bloody woman didn't even say goodbye.....


[[Strikes = illegible.]]
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[[Private; somewhat hackable]]

*fumes* That Baron is insufferable. Groaning and clanking all over the place, as if his was the only tragedy that mattered in a castle full of ghosts..... Well, there's one good use for him, anyway.


CAUGHT YOU THIS TIME, HAVEN'T I, PEEVES!? Kippers hidden around my door every day, and of course I couldn't smell them... that explains everything. You stay away from my domain from now on, or--

*colorful, scratchy script* Ahaha, all in good fun, weren't it, Proffie?? Isn't the poor pearly ghostie lonely in his little box? Can't stop the fuzzies, can he? Poor ickle--

--will you shut it!? I'll set the Baron on you, I swear!

..Izumi, Rangiku, a thousand thanks for making my office and classroom impervious to unauthorized meddling. The alternative does not bear contemplation.

[[The exchange between Bob and Peeves, caught by the transcription quill, may be audible as well.]]
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Bloke Offering Backrubs

Get Your Sexy Name

Will someone get this... this NOTE off my door!? Who the devil is responsible for it??? That confounded poltergeist, I expect... if once I get my hands on him I'll give him a backrub to remember... I'll see the little pest quake in his curled slippers... I'll freeze him to the core!

[[Filtered to Izumi]]

Well, your irreducible craving for fresh air was clearly not as bad an idea as I'd assumed. *smirks* At least it managed to keep me entertained. May I assume it did as much for you?


[[Filtered to Rangiku]]

Can I prevail upon you to owl Flourish & Blotts about those copies of Wright's? They've somehow neglected to send over the receipt for our requisition.


[[Is it okay to assume that Bob and Izumi returned to Hogwarts after their field trip?]]
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*hears scratches and hoots, sticks his head through his office door*

What... an owl?? I haven't gotten an owl in two centuries....

*speaks the keyword to let it in, winces as it knocks a candle off the table*

Hmm... some kind of flyer, apparently... stop beating your wings through my face, you aggravating creature. Do I look like I can remove that string from your leg?? Confound it, where's Filch when you need him!?
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[[Private, unhackable]]

I've looked back as far as I can recall, and there's no sign of Tomoe in the ranks of the Dark as I know them. I don't see why there isn't, though. What could he possibly hope to gain by allowing his daughter to be possessed so haphazardly? Is it a plan? An experiment? There's more to learn, and yet... if he harms that child, I will find a way to bring the deed to his door.

A few more notes on this era's cryptological complications, and then Filch can put the tablets in storage until the beginning of the year.


*singing as he studies the tablets, unaware that the lyrics are being transcribed*

Orpheus with his lute made trees,
And the mountain tops that freeze,
Bow themselves when he did sing:

To his music plants and flowers
Ever sprung; as sun and showers
There had made a lasting spring....

[[This is what comes of listening to Terrence Mann's Broadway work while writing a post. The verses are from Shakespeare's Henry VIII, Act III, Scene I, so Bob, who has a frankly magnificent voice, is essentially singing show-tunes from the sixteen-hundreds.

And to continue the memeage, here's the Candybar Bob Doll. Ta-da!

This post has been edited for quality control. ^^]]
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[[Private, unhackable]]

Tomoe, Tomoe... where have I heard of him? Not surprised I have, though. Allowing his own daughter to be possessed -- the man doubtless has strong ties to the Dark. And I can't testify! Confound the Ministry, restricting personhood to the living. If Dumbledore weren't out of the country....


At least that swift nest is back in its place.

Now that I have a salary, I believe this is a good time to visit the wizarding section of the British Museum and obtain some reliefs of the carvings on various ancient artifacts. Would someone care to accompany me?

[[Translation: to cart his skull about while he browses through the musty old artifacts. XD Strike illegible.]]
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[[Filtered to Rangiku]]

*drily* As I haven't heard from you, I imagine that you're enjoying your vacation to the fullest. Where did you leave that list of next year's students assuming you got around to making one?


[[Filtered to Data]]

Well, that was illuminating.


Assuming anyone cares, I notice that a swift's nest has fallen down the chimney in the staff room. The eggs will still be viable if they are returned to their place within a day.

[[Which is as close as he'll get to admitting that he's feeling a bit isolated.]]
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[[Private, hackable to staff if they try REALLY HARD]]

Of all the lily-livered, clay-brained nincompoopery... how does the confounded Ministry imagine that a randomly administered, atrociously composed "anonymous" questionnaire could tell them anything at all about whether Dark Wizards lurk in their midst!?? God, this country's going to the dogs.

*spends fifteen valuable minutes filling out a stupid survey* )

*grumbles* What a waste of time. I hope they're satisfied.


[[Strike illegible. I fiddled with the HTML to make the post prettier, but this was really Bob's result! Working from the fifth-book-era complexion of wizarding authority, I figured that Dumbledore might find it harmless to allow the Ministry to include a few of the faculty in one of its dimwitted random surveys. Feel free to have your staff member take the test!]]
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Further Announcement about Ancient Runes

I have been asked to clarify the requirements for next year's curriculum. You do not have to know a second language in order to take the class. It is called Ancient Runes, not Ancient Dialects. While the class will briefly cover the definitions, origins, and branches of language, those subjects will be strictly background material to the study of letters, runes, hieroglyphics, and other symbols used in wizardry. Bring your English, and you may actually learn something.

[[Filtered to staff]]


*whips around, searching for the source of the noise; there's nothing broken on the brief bookshelf, nothing on the floor, nothing that could make a sound like that*


*looking up*



*all the frustration in the world* If somebody will come to my office, they will find a minor leak in my ceiling. I would take it kindly if it were to be fixed before it wears a hole through my skull or the books beneath it are damaged beyond


--recovery. *fumes*

[[The leaky water pipe in Bob's ceiling is dripping directly onto his skull and rapidly becoming worse, so if nobody shows up for a while, his crude bookcase is going to be very wet. Please, someone, think of the books! XD]]
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Oddly enough... this is preferable to the constant din from the Great Hall.

*bops slightly to the beat*

[[Filtered from students]]

So this is to be my classroom. Adequate, possibly, but a lectern would be more useful than a desk in my situation. Tools will go here; books along this wall; and the windows... hmmm..... The blackboard can stay, though. *dark chuckle* Must have a way for the dear students to demonstrate their work in front of the class.

[[Filtered to the TA]]

Rangiku, I'd appreciate it if you would give the classroom door a password, as I am obviously unable to use a key. Since you will also need access to this room, your setting the word will kill two birds with one stone. It's the first classroom along the western second-floor corridor.


[[Filtered to Miss Harnet]]

Miss Harnet. If in your duties you require any references on ancient runes that are not to be found in the school library, you are welcome to browse through my material; some of it is specifically earmarked towards Transfiguration.



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