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..I always did have a weakness for open-air events. Now if only I could carry my skull around myself....

For all Ancient Runes students attending today's festival, you'll want to pick up your year's edition of Wright's White Rites Rightly Writ at the supplies booth. I hear the discount from the usual price is considerable.

*jots down a few notes about textbook prices and the names of some obscure books with which to pad out the year's curriculum*

Private )
Filtered to Harry )

[[Filtered to close friends*]]

I find myself in need of transportation for part of the day -- would anybody care to help me out?


[[*Meaning close friends who already know that his skull limits his mobility. (If your character doesn't yet, but wants to find out, that can be arranged. ^^)]
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*paces his empty classroom* Hm, none the worse for wear after the past fortnights. Excellent; excellent... the charms on the perishables have held; that'll be fifty-eight fewer bottles of wyvern tears to order for next year. The clover parchment, though... Hmph. If I had an assistant, these things might not happen.

Filtered to Harry )

*walks out through the closed door into the deserted hall; orders it to open so his journal can float out, checks the wards and passwords, orders it closed again, and drifts down the stairs with a feeling of purpose and accomplishment*

Let me see. Textbooks: Wright's again, I believe, and Haldah's Languages, and if Cove's brought out her new edition.... and Peeves hasn't graffitied my door again. Small mercies. New horizons, all well and good, but I suppose there's really no place like....

*walks through his office door, where Filch left his skull while he went up to check on the classroom*

*and backs out again slowly*

.....a dark closet full of spiders.

*eyeroll* Ah, the glamorous life of a teacher.

[[Strike unhackable. Bob should learn to be careful what he wishes for. XDDDD]]
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These two-penny bigots are becoming altogether too bold... My sympathies to Miss Lee; it is to be hoped that she will make a swift and complete recovery.

Filtered to William )

[[Private, hackable to friends/staff; strike mostly unhackable]]

Hmph, this travelling life suits me excellently well. It's so much fun to be cut off from everyone after the de-hexing at the border broke the transcription spell on my journal. Of course, these precautions must be taken, but would it have been too much to ask for one of the Aurors to reapply the hover-charm, at least? As it is, I was fortunate to find someone to pick it up off the floor.

Ah well. Petty irritations at best, but I find myself looking forward to the start of the new school year.

Pity I have no assistant these days; somebody's going to have to order the new texts from Flourish & Blotts....

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Well, I'd always heard it, but it appears that Italy actually is that lovely this time of year. Now if only Harry would get back from wherever it is he's gone... I don't like to imagine what kind of trouble he could get into in a city this old.

Now that someone finally decided to unpack my journal, I can note that we've had an extremely pleasant journey thus far. Except for one leg across Spain when I was obliged to ride in the baggage car... as though a European Union could form an efficient Council for enforcing the wizarding laws of all of its states.... How has everybody else's summer been? Don't skimp in the telling; I've little to do today but read.

[[Bob's on a world tour with Harry. Who wants a visit? XD]]
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*accidental voice post* ..Mister! Off the table NOW. I said NOW! Shoo! Go on, and try not to bring the earth-elements shelf down with you as well!

..Hm? *double-take at the journal lying open on the floor; eyes narrow* Harry, if you're reading this, your cat has the manners of a hippo.

[[ooc: Placeholder post; can be taken as canon!Bob or as SH!AU Bob. Just trying to get back in the character's voice, though he isn't in play anywhere right now.]]
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Well... that was that.

...*ink blot*

[[Private, hackable to friends]]

I suppose it's something to be thankful for, that if anything strange should happen which I can't blame on Harry, one knows exactly where one will end up.

*resolutely not looking at his skull, which rests on a shelf in Dresden's secret laboratory... not a bad place as wizard labs went, despite the hopeless clutter; folds his hands, once again transparent, behind his back, and leans over his journal with a curiously peaceful expression, somehow feeling rather better about life (or whatever this is) than he would have at this time last year*


Miss Tepplin, if you'd be kind enough to continue to collect my students' assignments... I'm going to assign a translation for this weekend. *snerk* You needn't have any worries about sending them; a plague of owls is just what this place needs.
HOMEWORK: translate Beowulf!! )

[[Once the event was over, Bob reverted back to the last place his skull was located, so he's still trapped in Chicago. In other news, COME GET POINTS! XDDD]]
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[[Filtered to Nia]]

I very much appreciate your forwarding me the students' assignments. They haven't given you any trouble in class, have they?


[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

All back to normal, hm? In that case, now seems as good a time as ever to cover the formulation of gender-tagged rune wards, such as the ones on the stairs to the girls' dorms, which I'm sure most of my male students are already familiar with. You will have one week to create a ward which can only be disabled by persons of your sex. Second through fourth years will concentrate on rune circles, while seniors will work on more complex and far-reaching designs. Give your assignments to Miss Tepplin by Tuesday, should I not be back by then.


*accidental sarcastic voice post* Actually I already mentioned that, Harry; the animal is grossly overweight and if you don't start letting him out of the house -- oh yes, of course, a thirty-pound cat is in deadly danger from any predator if he doesn't manage to sit on it first!...

[[Here, have an assignment to get the house points moving again! Comment with how your character did on the assignment; an O (Outstanding) is worth fifteen points and a P (Pass) worth two, with A and E ranged in between depending on neatness, legibility, whether the ward works, and so on.]]
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Confound it... if my skull were so dangerous, one would think the American High Council would rather have it out of the country than in...!

Homework assignments )

[[Filtered to Daisya, Misa, and other students who are Bob's friends]]

Would you mind checking in on Marco until I return to the castle? He's usually able to feed himself, but might get lonely hasn't yet mastered the art of opening doors.


[[Filtered to staff]]

If someone could take my classes until *interrupted here by a series of stabbity messy strikeouts* the powers that be see fit to admit me back into Scotland, I would be very much obliged.


[[Pulling Bob off hiatus to take care of some plot points. Hallo!~]]
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*stands in the middle of his classroom, the door open behind him, scribbling a complicated series of magical equations in the air with his finger and dictating notes as a magical quill transcribes them in his journal*

[[Filtered to Bob's Ancient Runes students]]

Your midterm exam will cover the first seven sections of your textbook. There will be a both a translation section and a practical section; you'll be responsible for the ward-work we've done, weaving protective spells into written rune circles.

Please refrain from blowing up your desk, as it distracts the other students.


[[Private, accidentally partly hackable to friends]]

My second year as... well, as near a free agent as I was ever likely to get, anyway. *glances at the skull on the shelf behind his desk* Doubtless Dresden is doing fine in his new life. It can only be a positive sign if he's too occupied for regular correspondence.

..confound the boy. Why doesn't he write.

Tinsel and music all over the place... ah well, 'tis the season.


[[Strikes are also partly hackable, but very difficult to decipher. I'm still not quite back off hiatus -- two more exams to go -- but would like to extend a hearty welcome to all our new people! I look forward to meeting all of you!]]
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..And I thought there was no possible way for this hour to be more bittersweet.

Well, another new year is upon us already. I trust you all have your class supplies? The more volatile materials, of course, will stay in the classroom if you all know what's good for you.

[[Filtered to Misa]]

Miss Amane, might I prevail upon you to transport my... box to the train tomorrow?


[[First strike unhackable; second mostly so. He's just gotten the news that Harry won't be coming back to teach. Not sure if Misa is aware yet that the box contains a human skull, or why, but he's reticent by habit anyway.]]
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Notice to students:

For those of you who will be in my Ancient Runes class, be alert for the sign-up sheet and book-list which will be provided to you within the next few weeks.

[[Filtered to Marik; hackable by staff]]

Thank you, Marik, for that Imperturbable Charm. It made the childrens' impromptu Quidditch game the other day slightly easier to watch.


[[Private; 10% hackable, more if you're really, really good]]

That van Helsing fellow must have lost his journal. Whatever it was that he wanted to ask me, it will have to wait.

..Where is Harry, confound the man? Those trolls couldn't have been that difficult to deal with, even for him. *paces* If Morgan... no, even he wouldn't have... hmph. I shall just have to give him a piece of my mind when he dares to show his face again. *fails to convince even himself* Lord knows he could do with one.

And that Auror... is either the most zealous private tutor that ever lived, or there's some other reason for his stopping here. One thing's for sure: he never would have knowingly let me catch him with such a serious expression on his face. If Daisya will not confide in me... well, whatever the matter is, it will doubtless emerge sooner or later... for good or for ill.


[[Strike = unhackable, and may or may not turn out to be significant in the future. ^_^]]
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I must say, I didn't expect anybody to try and pinch me for neglecting to wear green. Tsk, hard luck -- although mistaking one of my ilk for a mortal probably indicates that some peoples' St. Patrick's Day was very happy indeed.

[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

High spirits or no, this business of flicking paper Quaffles through my torso will cease immediately or I shall be forced to take points.

This week's assignment: take a short phrase originally spoken by St. Patrick, translate it from the original Latin to Old Irish, and then transliterate it phonetically into the rune set used in Dublin in the late fifth century. If you come across syllables unique to Old Irish, copy them into the appropriate section of your syllabary for later use.


[[Filtered to Harry]]

Are you sober?


[[Feel free to be any of the pranksters mentioned above. Bob's classes are so boring these days that he really needs to learn a lesson. XD]]
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[[Filtered to staff]]

And nobody thought to warn the new faculty of this periodic curse you seem to have? How very thoughtful of you all to spare us the agony of anticipation. Perhaps next time a few of the students will actually die and take their place among the school's legitimate posthumous population, so you'll have the pleasure of their company for all eternity. Won't that be nice.


[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

Those of you who were injured during the recent incidents may take an extra week to complete your assignments, and, if necessary, skip the next class and catch up at your own pace.


[[Filtered to Dwayne]]

My office. Now.


[[Expect to see Bob as a frequent visitor to the Hospital Wing until his students are well enough to leave it. Otherwise, feel free to observe him going about the school in a very bad mood. XD]]
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*a terrified cat shoots down a corridor high in the castle, aware that something mad is taking place but unable to process it*

*and many floors down, in the Hospital Wing, a pale, translucent ghost stands over a cot whose sheets are splashed with blood, listening to its occupant's long, tremulous breaths*

*though there is nothing here for him to write with, he feels that he should probably be doing something, searching for information, finding out what has happened so that Harry can deal with it and return to his proper age when he awakes.... but the sight of the injured boy, his pale skin and the pressure bandage on his lacerated throat, seems to freeze something within him, and he can only think that if Harry is to die, there is nothing to do that will matter at all.....*

*softly* I do know some things... I know where we are, if not why, and there are only a limited number of spells that could cause these effects, and if you wake up now--

*his voice has risen; with an effort he tones it down*

..It was never like you to miss out on the action. Getting up and leaving this infirmary would be highly dangerous in your condition.... I don't know at all why you haven't done it already.

*hands clasped rigidly behind his back, the ghost continues to speak, telling himself that surely, surely Harry can hear every word*
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[[Private: 50% hackable out of boredom]]

A lunar eclipse tonight... pity that I will not be able to observe it. Still, I suppose that if I've seen seventy-eight such events, I've seen them all.

Of far more concern is the recent spate of accidental magic gone wrong. Does nobody teach hex-breaking anymore? What fools, O Lord, these mortals be....


[[Filtered to Harry]]

Has the, er, mystery been solved yet?


[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

Now that the festivities are finally over, I will expect three feet from each of you on our current topic of study, along with an example of an active rune circle as a review of last term's work.


*paces in his office -- from which, coincidentally, his range of fifty feet places him nowhere in the vicinity of a window*
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*irritated* Of course Madame Pince didn't notice anything yet. The volumes were borrowed in my name; I could keep them out for months.

All the better to find time to unwind the wards.....


*dark look at the leather volume on the floor under his desk, aware of the malice it radiates even with several books of white wizardry stacked on top of it*

*has obviously been cleaning house -- the lower four shelves of his bookcase are stocked with spare textbooks, and the half-dozen volumes he received as gifts over the last few weeks are neatly lined up on the next shelf, save one book on advanced cantrips and...*

*regards the lurid cover of a rather steamy harlequin paperback and directs the house-elf to place it on the highest shelf, backwards and upside down*

[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

Whoever still needs to take (or retake) the end-of-term exam, please let me know when you are ready. As the term starts next Monday, you would do well to take it a few days beforehand so as to have it off your minds before classes begin again.

Enjoy the remainder of your vacation.

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Fireworks... a custom honored through the ages, never failing in their capacity to delight. I hope everyone else derived the same happiness from them as I did. A Happy New Year to you all.

Tia, far be it from me to understand, but my cat and your crab appear to be getting along. Most peculiar thing I ever saw.

Note to Syaoran )

Note to Harry )

[[Sorry about Bob's absence lately... his muse is staging a mutiny until I finish the current Dresden fic. x_x Hopefully he'll be back within a week!]]
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One would think that with so many students away for the holidays, the school would be somewhat less chaotic.

*pauses for mental rimshot*

At any rate, I am gratified to hear that most of you are enjoying your winter break. And for those of you who are not... remember, you'll be back here in less than a month.

*Bob's gift list: to be delivered by house-elves on the appropriate morning* )
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Whoever is responsible for the current condition of my skull.... just... ask next time so that I can head you off. *totally suspects Daisya* My doors, by the way, are newly warded; you will not have such an easy time of it again.

*Note to Bob's students*

I am very pleased with most of your work on the end-of-term exams. There were a few rough spots, but those can be smoothed away next month. My best wishes for an enjoyable holiday season.

--Professor Bainbridge

[[Filtered to Syaoran]]

I regret to say that I will be detained here at the castle for at least a week. Thank you, however, for your kind invitation, and I hope that you and Harry have a productive holiday.



At least that's done... they will arrive on the proper morning, granting that all the recipients are alive. Which they will be. If some fresh evil had befallen Miss Harnet, surely it would have been mentioned in the Great Hall. What's the matter with the girl? I'm the one who got thrown in the lake!

Nothing has been heard from Madame Pince. Surely she has discovered the discrepancy already. Though I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, the suspense has begun to grate upon my nerves.


[[Backdated to before the train log. By 'they', Bob refers to the gifts he has dispatched to various people -- they'll be posted as soon as I've compiled them. XD Syaoran, barring anything explicit from Harry-mun, Bob is simply assuming that the two have already discussed the matter, which may or may not be true.]]
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[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

Your end-of-term exam will take place on Friday. Please turn in your completed syllabaries before that date. You will begin to use them when the new term begins.


[[Filtered to Haruno Sakura, Harry Dresden, and (just in case) Kenny McCormick]]

For those who need to take the exam at the end of the break rather than at the beginning, I need to see a projected study schedule from each of you in order to be sure that you are on track to complete the work as scheduled.


And now... to deal with the rest of it.....

*strides through the wall to the secondary staff room, leaving his office unlocked for Filch to take care of the large spider that has been lurking under his desk*

Hmm... at least Marco has been quiet today. Perhaps he had his fill of shredding my class materials. Madame Pince will notice before the week is out. If the trail can be muddied a bit further.... *glances over at the mess of open library books -- comprising one less volume than it did the previous day....*

*rubs hands together cheerfully* I wonder what's going on in the rest of the castle.

[[No log for the exam, but do let me know how your character handles it. Bob won't be affected by the mistletoe for more than a moment: although feel free to get stuck walking through him. And if your character happens to notice the state of his office door... well, so much the better. >D]]


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