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PEEVES!! Come back here with th

*mad laughter, ZAP, howling, a few char marks*

Eeeeheheheheh! Wicked ghostie, putting electric wards on a pretty book like this! How can we make it nicer? I know -- with a dunk in the lake!<3

[[Bob's in the front hall, but can't get outside the castle. Somebody save his journal? XD]]
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And that's that.

Just for clarification, is anybody actually still here?

*drifts up to the second floor; the script from his charmed quill goes all sharp with annoyance* ..Ah, how very predictable. I distinctly told Mr. Filch to leave the classroom door shut! And it looks like Peeves has already been in there. Well, that'll be another nasty mess for him to deal with when he returns. At least my skull wasn't in there this time.
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..It must have been her, but after all this time? Does she not realize it isn't healthy to cling to the past? Surely some better confidante must have come there by now. Hmph, more fool the Headmaster to so encourage necrophilia in his students....

*pauses to surreptitiously wipe away a tear*

Well, that's just... really touching.

[[Bob = still not in SH, but something that happened there was brought to his attention. Sortinghat!Bob AU post. Strikeout illegible; he just gets all flustered when someone cares about him.~]]
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*a sign on the door to the Ancient Runes classroom reads, in drippy multicolored paint, Clozd foar Reaprz; beneath this uncompromising legend, a dark-robed picture of Death with a scythe may or may not be some wit's commentary on the upcoming holiday*

*meanwhile, there has been no class for six days, and though some students swear their friends have seen Bob around -- notably during the Quidditch auction -- nobody who really tries can vouch for his presence in the castle since then*

*inside the classroom whose wards are known only to his TA and a very few others, a familiar rune-carved skull sits blankly on a shelf overlooking the all-too-neat rows of desks, its hollow eyes seemingly filled with a strange, impenetrable darkness that roils once in a while, as though in futile protest against an all-enveloping night.....*

[[Egad drama!! At least, in the meantime, Matt's got the care of Bob's cat. XDDDD]]
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*paws repeatedly at mouth*

[[..Yyyeah, computer's at the shop now. The power cable went out too. *desultory wave at y'all*]]
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*a sandy journal lies discarded under a bank of sea-grass, its pages ruffled by the wind, until, with a sharp word, the near-translucent wraith of its owner orders it up into the air to follow him home*

*proceeding at a swift but still decorous pace after the scampering child who is carrying his skull, Bob quietly dictates a few words to the floating journal*

..A fine week and a half. Such days have, alas, been too few of late. We shall say nothing of the cactus pear, the umbrella incident, the grindylows, and especially the giant clam. This experience, however initially involuntary, will doubtless remain a bright spot in my reminiscences for years to come.

And now... if you're ready for us, Marik?

*accidental voice post, trailing away as he calls ahead* ..Daisya, did you say Floo or portkey? Because if it is a Portkey, I highly recommend that you stow that artifact in some casing that will prevent it from being lost en route....

[[Strikes hackable to staff. XD And the above is backdated to whatever time Daisya and Bob left Turkey for the House of Ishtar!]]
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A small notice: those of you who have been taking my class in second year will have the choice of whether or not to continue it into your upper years. Naturally, I would advise you to do so. A proper understanding of rune inscription and syllabic interpretation will serve you well, whatever field you decide to go into once you graduate.

*Marco bats at the pen, causing a splatter of ink, and he swipes at the cat, shooing him off the table with his cold, misty hands*

..May you all have a fine, productive summer.

Filtered to first-years )
Private, 30% hackable to staff )

[[Strike unhackable. Ancient Runes is canonly a requirement for second-years, so Bob is speaking to the whole lot of you firsties. XD To help advance various plots, he will only be allowed out of Hogwarts for two weeks at a time, with no two fortnights spent in the same place.]]
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--No, the Ancient Runes classroom has been locked up for the summer; there are volatile materials inside.

--No, classes are over now -- the end-of-year exams were completed last week or you people certainly wouldn't be traipsing all over the school and interrupting the students.

--No, I will not open it for you.

--No, I do not have to 'obey' simply because I'm a ghost! *frostily* A very good day to you, sir; do enjoy the remainder of your stay. *escapes through the floor in a fit of bad temper*

Worse than Peeves. Who would've credited it? If not for Dumbledore's 'request'... oh, good lord, here come some more....

[[Behold: a very ticked-off ghost. XD]]
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[[Filtered to staff]]

Am I reading this memo right? An influx of parents at this juncture? *groans*


*paces his office, casting infrequent dark glances at a pile of books in one corner*


The hour of doom. It won't remain unnoticed over the summer -- and if the Ministry should change their minds without notice... confound this unwonted nostalgia. The thing is without merit. I should have destroyed it when I took it out of the library.

Even if it is the last one in existence.

Even if it is my only material legacy.

..Where is that vampire when I want him?


And the same with Filch. What is the world coming to? It happens that I am in need of at least six upperclassmen to destroy certain volatile materials that cannot be kept over the summer. You should be warned, though, that these solvents are extremely dangerous and can only be handled by fourth... no.... fifth through seventh years. Reply here if you are interested in lending a hand. They'll really deserve extra house points... I must speak to the Headmaster about it.

[[Dwayne is the only character (besides Daisya) who really knows about Bob's evil accursed grimoire. Of course Dwayne is ICly around, but for some reason Bob can't find him today. XD

..*edits post* Strikes illegible, but here's a chance for some of your characters to win House points!]]
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[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

It appears that the practice exams are paying off. Well done, everyone. Those of you who have paid attention to your work during the past few months (even granting that doing so has probably required the patience of a saint) should have no trouble getting high marks in this course.

The Ministry requires me to mention that there will be anti-cheating measures in place as you all take your final exams. OWL and NEWT students will receive their exams in the Great Hall at the designated times, while other classes will take their finals in the usual classroom. You will not need this year's textbooks after your test. I advise each of you, though, to retain your syllabary and add to it when appropriate. You never know when you'll need the right magic word -- in any language.

Should there be any questions, I will be in my office most evenings.


[[Private, hackable with difficulty]]

And spend the remainder wandering the halls, no doubt. Pfah. There'll be enough of that to go around once the school year ends. ..Is there nobody in this castle with time for a simple game of draughts?


*while in the interim, Marco the cat has no compunction about wandering the halls -- preferably with something small and warm-blooded dangling from his jaw: in this case, a small Puffskein which doubtless belongs to somebody or other*

[[Yet another stopgap post. Strikes illegible; the Puffskein could be anyone's; and as usual, if your character is in Bob's class, please comment to say how they do on their final exam!

OOC continuity note )]]
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For once none of the current spell effects are following me around.....

[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

Those of you who took yesterday's exam will be getting it back today. If you're taking it today, expect to receive your grade after the weekend.

..And if necessary, please have someone cast Silencio on you before coming to class. Your fellow test-takers will not benefit from half a dozen random tunes blaring forth at them from all directions.



Come to think of it, the supplies are getting rather thin... and there's that shelf where the salic acid burnt through all the bottles... Nobody's gotten detention lately, so it's just a matter of time, as long as it's done before the final exams.


[[The skills involved in the test are: inscribing, translating, identifying linguistic origin, producing a given magical effect, creating tidy designs, and working with every material from ink to acid and parchment to bronze. If you have a character in Bob's class, comment to say how they did -- amazingly, intriguingly, insanely, etc!]]
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..I'm not even surprised anymore.

[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

Class will proceed today as usual.

With one exception. This will give you all an excellent opportunity to practice gender inflection in your translations. Each of you will craft today's ward in the inflection for your original gender, and redraw it for your current one, and see which ward works better for you when you've infused them with magic. It will be interesting to find out whether the effect persists after we all change back if we ever do.


*can be seen in the Ancient Runes classroom, inscribing a series of golden runes in the air and humming quietly to herself in a glorious contralto*

[[..And the part of Professor Bob will be played by Emmanuelle Beart.]]
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*pacing through piles of books in his office, the weird light from his glowing skull casting odd flares over the narrow walls*


One advantage of this prank is that I will be able to carry myself to the day's festivities without having to ask anybody for help. How he persuaded the cursed thing to move with me rather than anchoring me in place... *irritated handwave* It must be a fluke. If Dark magic had any power to alter my sentence, I would have discovered it long ago.

..Time.... well, best be getting on with it.


*turns with a show of nervous energy, strides for the door, and is brought up short with his nasal cavity against the wood*


*a muttered curse* Though there are inconveniences as well.

*grumbling, orders the door to open and let him through*
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A week? Not likely. My skull had better not crash to the floor when these confounded charms wear off.

Hmph. Well... if this is my last week as an entity, I suppose I ought to make it a good one.

[[Filtered to staff]]

*deadpan LOL* I don't suppose there's a way of reversing this, is there?


[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

I'm sure I need not warn everyone that disruptions in class will not... be... tolerated.... so kindly keep the inevitable comments to yourselves.

Your assignment for the upcoming class will again be creating wards. This time, though, they will be etched in stone. Yes, you will be working with acid. No, you may not take any out of the classroom. Bring your dragonhide gloves; getting any on your hands will be a bad idea.


[[Thanks to Dwayne, Bob has a shiny, dazzling, flaring skull inside his ghostly head. Not exactly like the icon, but I couldn't resist. XDDD His normal features, pale and ghostly as they are, will be quite drowned out by TEH SHINY. Strike = unreadable. And come on, comment to say how your character does in class -- he wants to start doling out points!]]
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[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

Well, most of you seem to have caught up in basic translation. Depending on how today's group project goes, there may be a more practical assignment in your future.

There will be a passage written in front of the board when you arrive. Each student will take a different line of text, and then pair up with somebody who doesn't have the same line you do. Translate the line from Roman text into Futhark runes, and then pass it over to your partner, who will translate it back. Five points will go to the first five students to complete both sides of their work in class.


*stands back toward his classroom door; the air in front of the blackboard is overwritten with golden Latin words*

Ergo oceanus, maritimus.... )

And now.... *to himself, with a hint of a wicked smirk* ..all that remains is to wait.

[[Private to Marik]]

It was delightful catching up with you and Tabarus the other afternoon. As to the other matter, I greatly appreciate your assistance. Tomorrow should be... interesting.


[[Lyrics, if anyone is interested, are from Enya's Tempus Vernum. Those passing outside Dwayne's quarters before he emerges for his classes will be able to observe an extremely complex Celtic rune pattern attached by magic to the wood, just at head height. Dwayne-mun knows what it will do. XD]]
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*testy* ..If it's impossible for the student body in general to stay free of sucrose and its relatives, may I recommend some cleaning charms for books and parchment? Leave smudges in the wrong place in Runes or Transfiguration -- or even Potions -- and your grades may suffer, not to mention your accuracy.

Will no one put a stop to that infernal clucking?

*drifts up through a stairwell near his second-floor classroom; looks down at something huddled between a pillar and the wall*

..Mr. Lapine, I may have found your rabbit.
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[[Filtered to staff]]

And nobody thought to warn the new faculty of this periodic curse you seem to have? How very thoughtful of you all to spare us the agony of anticipation. Perhaps next time a few of the students will actually die and take their place among the school's legitimate posthumous population, so you'll have the pleasure of their company for all eternity. Won't that be nice.


[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

Those of you who were injured during the recent incidents may take an extra week to complete your assignments, and, if necessary, skip the next class and catch up at your own pace.


[[Filtered to Dwayne]]

My office. Now.


[[Expect to see Bob as a frequent visitor to the Hospital Wing until his students are well enough to leave it. Otherwise, feel free to observe him going about the school in a very bad mood. XD]]
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*a terrified cat shoots down a corridor high in the castle, aware that something mad is taking place but unable to process it*

*and many floors down, in the Hospital Wing, a pale, translucent ghost stands over a cot whose sheets are splashed with blood, listening to its occupant's long, tremulous breaths*

*though there is nothing here for him to write with, he feels that he should probably be doing something, searching for information, finding out what has happened so that Harry can deal with it and return to his proper age when he awakes.... but the sight of the injured boy, his pale skin and the pressure bandage on his lacerated throat, seems to freeze something within him, and he can only think that if Harry is to die, there is nothing to do that will matter at all.....*

*softly* I do know some things... I know where we are, if not why, and there are only a limited number of spells that could cause these effects, and if you wake up now--

*his voice has risen; with an effort he tones it down*

..It was never like you to miss out on the action. Getting up and leaving this infirmary would be highly dangerous in your condition.... I don't know at all why you haven't done it already.

*hands clasped rigidly behind his back, the ghost continues to speak, telling himself that surely, surely Harry can hear every word*
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[[Private: 50% hackable out of boredom]]

A lunar eclipse tonight... pity that I will not be able to observe it. Still, I suppose that if I've seen seventy-eight such events, I've seen them all.

Of far more concern is the recent spate of accidental magic gone wrong. Does nobody teach hex-breaking anymore? What fools, O Lord, these mortals be....


[[Filtered to Harry]]

Has the, er, mystery been solved yet?


[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

Now that the festivities are finally over, I will expect three feet from each of you on our current topic of study, along with an example of an active rune circle as a review of last term's work.


*paces in his office -- from which, coincidentally, his range of fifty feet places him nowhere in the vicinity of a window*
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*wandering up from the kitchen area, a somewhat dead rodent dangling from gentle jaws, Marco neatly avoids the feet of professors passing on their way in these last moments before curfew*

*on a whim, he lowers his limp victim to the cold stone floor, arches his back and stretches, the tattooed koi rippling over his skin*

*shakes his head and gives a few experimental hacks, as though feeling some subtle change in his throat; and then, in a high, pleasant tenor, begins to sing*

Everybody wants to be a cat.....

[[Lyrics here. If crabs can sing, so can our feline friends, right? All cool cats feel free to join in! XD]]


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