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Congratulations to our newly minted Prefects and Heads of Houses. I'll be looking forward to working with you all again this year.

Castiel, I see that Marco is in the staff room now, if Lilith could be persuaded to join him there. Do you know where any of the other kittens are at the moment?

[[Filtered to Spencer]]

Spencer, my skull is in my classroom. When do you plan to head out?


*checks that his office door is fastened and properly warded against, ahem, Peeves and takes the scenic route up the stairs instead of going straight through the ceiling*

[[Totally backdated to yesterday. Remember, kids, sign up for Ancient Runes here! Also, some of you may presently get uber-late last-week comments from my characters. >___> Sorry they're so very uber-late.]]
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Apologies for my being out of touch. I had to order a new journal from Diagon Alley and it only just arrived. Students who wish to take Ancient Runes in the upcoming year will be given the opportunity to sign up for the class within a few days.

Castiel, you must have been quite busy for the last few days, since I haven't seen you since

*reads a few pages back; strikes that out*

I swear, this place is like a zoo sometimes.

[[Filtered to Gabriel]]

...............................Gabriel, before you do anything irreversible, consider that Dumbledore and the Ministry might not take kindly to the murder of one of our staff.


*stares at journal, slams it shut with a word, turns his back on it, and commences to glare a metaphorical hole through the wall*

[[Thobari-mun etc, Bob can't reach the dungeons from his location -- is there anything else that could have alerted him that there was stuff with wards and dark magic going on? That stuff's kind of his specialty.]]
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Hm. If Dumbledore will install new spirits in the castle without notifying the current inhabitants, I'd better see about restoring the wards on my classroom. It was bad enough keeping Peeves out....


*ink blot, a couple of scratches and pawprints* ..Marco! How many times must I tell you....

[[Filtered to Castiel]]

Was that your voice I heard in the Great Hall earlier?

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..Well, that went well. *NOT*

Hm, it's about time to start restocking for next year's classes. I'll be in my skull office if anybody needs me.

*the next two pages are covered with INCREDIBLY BORING notes about Runes supplies, prices, quantities, ordering information, ETC ETC ETC*

[[Strikes oh so unhackable. B| Bob thinks he needs some time to himself after all the recent stuff that's happened. Others may disagree, especially as Bob doesn't know Thobari has now heard about some of what happened.~]]
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*sits up with a start -- her head had fallen forward on a large stack of books*

Ugh... Kate, I'm afraid there'll be a crick in your neck when we go back to normal. My first chance to sleep in six hundred years, and I spend it at a library desk! There's no justice in the world.

*wearily pulls another volume over, skims the index and table of contents... maaay or may not be nodding off again*

*some time later, sits up again sharply, then stands up; Kate's slender fingers tremble as they riffle through pages of notes -- and then Bob roars right above his open journal, unconcerned about the rest of the castle hearing him*

Castiel! Meet me in the Restricted Section, NOW!

[[If you're in Hogwarts, feel free to have happened upon Kate!Bob asleep at the desk. XD The rest of the action takes place in the evening, near (though they don't know it yet) the end of the body-switch event.]]


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