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*wakes suddenly in a dark room between unfamiliar sheets*

Winifred--? What -- I -- what's wrong with my voice oh good God.

*sits up, running a hand through his her much-too-long hair; makes a few sketchy hand motions, but oh look, can't produce light from her fingertips as she'd been able to for the last several hundred years*

*fumbles for a wand -- wizards usually put them nearby when sleeping, right? -- and bumps her head on the bedboard and her shins on the night-table and ARGH being alive certainly has its disadvantages... but finally manages to cast a half-decent Lumos and look around*

[[Filtered to Kate and also himself]]

Miss Beckett, I believe we may have a situation on our hands. ..Well, technically, on yours. If you're in my office, you'd best not stray too far; I'll be down in a moment and we'll see if we can get this sorted out.
--Bob Bainbridge


[[Filtered to Hogwarts students and staff]]

Well now, look at that. Apparently the whole school has been hit by a slow-acting remotely-triggered body-switching hex again. Keep calm and it'll wear off eventually. And remember, you're still going to have to look your counterparts in the face again next school year.


[[Bob figures that Kate hopped into his ghostly body, as he hasn't experienced a three-way switch before, so he's hoping she'll be able to see a filter directed to both of them. Unfortunately such is not the case. :D *hopes I'm doing this right* Spence, Kate, ball's in your court!~]]
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