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*potters about his classroom, writing a few last-minute exam instructions in his usual floaty glowing lettering in front of the blackboard*

With today's exams, my work for this year will be done. I wish. Ancient Runes students, I hope you all got enough sleep and had a nourishing breakfast this morning, because this is going to be good.

So, plans for the summer? Anybody going anywhere interesting?

[[That's right, the Ancient Runes final exam is here -- last chance (probably) to get house points from Bob this year! If your character's taking this exam, leave a brief comment with their name, House, and how well they do on the test. Grades will be on the usual sliding scale of D(readful) to O(utstanding), with points ranging from 0-5 points (second and third years), 0-10 points (fourth and fifth), and 0-15 points (sixth and seventh), plus up to five extra points for putting theory into practice.
Second year: full set of quills and inks of different colors, consistencies, and compositions
Third-year: chisel, holly oil, #2 brush; other supplies will be provided
Fourth-year through seventh-year: dragon-hide gloves, wand, full sets of brushes, solvents, and inks; other supplies will be provided

Exam topics:
Second-years: Elder Futhark; pronunciation and translation; drawing simple wards on parchment.
Third-years: other Norse rune systems; use of drafting tools to draw and letter more complex wards on parchment and wood.
Fourth-years: syllabic interpretation; acid etching of runes on stone; translating existing spells into and out of any Norse rune system.
Fifth-years: OWL-level -- this is a very major exam. Translating spells into Elder, Younger, and Anglo-Saxon runes and back again; creating multilinguistic ward stones; use of materials to imbue words with different magical effects than they would normally have. Bob teaches ahead of his year, so his students should be well prepared for the standardized test; grasp of the class-specific material will depend on how well they've paid attention.
Sixth-years: working with their chosen NEWTs language track (Semitic abjads, Egyptian hieroglyphics, or Chinese scripts); translating freely between English letters, ancient runes, and their new language characters; art as a supplement to lettering when symbology is uncertain; translate and defuse a dangerous defensive ward (which includes a chance of eyebrow singeing if not done correctly).
Seventh-years: NEWT-level -- another difficult one; translating simple spells into and out of their chosen language; use of all standard materials for runework and wardcrafting; imbuing written words with trigger-spells; preserving written material without destroying its magical components. Half-hour practical section to complete actual wards, bespelled writing, and preserved material.
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