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Well, it's been a surprisingly nice, uneventful start of the term... although whoever charmed the suits of armor in the Front Hall to sing I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside whenever anybody walks by would be well advised to choose a more euphonious melody next time.

[[Filtered to Tohru]]

I look forward to working with you this year, Miss Honda. We have a promising second-year crop and I'm sure we'll get them off to a good start.


[[Filtered to Gareki]]

Have you any time this week for that project we discussed?


[[Filtered to Bob's students]]

For the most part, you all did well on the review. Those who didn't: you know who you are; kindly stay after your next class and we will discuss how to put you on par with those in your year.

This week we will begin serious translations and transliterations. Second through fourth years, please prepare the appropriate Futhark charts in your Wright's workbook. Concentrate on the first aett of the alphabet; by next week you will be able to string them together to create words. Those of you above your fourth year should already be able to read the Elder and Anglo-Saxon Futhark runes; you will focus on translating Swedish, Danish, and Hungarian spells from old texts into Younger Futhork. We will not start on Orkhon or Cirth until mid-year. The fifth year, linguistically at least, will be devoted to synthesizing the various Western runic alphabets and translating to and from the languages they were used to write.

Students beginning their sixth year will have a harder task. Now that you are familiar with the process of assimilating a new alphabet, you will apply it to either proto-Canaanite and the Semitic abjads (Hebrew, Arabic, and Aramaic), Egyptian hieroglyphics, or Chinese Oracle Bone alphabet and its descendants. Once you've read the introduction, please see me to choose a language track for your NEWT studies.

As for seventh year... Haldah, Chapter Four, and Cove, Chapter One. I hope you're prepared for an intensive scholastic experience.



ICly due Monday, 21 September, and OOCly as long as the link's up on the main assignment page; please leave an OOC comment about how your character did.
Points will be given on a 0-5 scale for second and third years, 0-10 for fourth and fifth, and 0-15 for sixth and seventh, with least = didn't do it or completely bungled it, and most = went above and beyond.

Second years: Elder Futhark; learning the names, sounds, and shapes of the letters
Third years: Anglo-Saxon Futhark; differentiating from Elder Futhark
Fourth years: Younger Futhork; translating simple spells from runes to English
Fifth years: all of the above, translating simple spells from English to runes
Sixth years: introduction to Semitic abjads, Egyptian hieroglyphics, and Chinese scripts; choose one language track for NEWTs
Seventh years: translating simple spells into and out of the language chosen from previous year]]
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